4 Creative Ways to Gift a Gift Card

by - Tuesday, December 27, 2022


4 creative ways to give a gift card


We all like to give gift cards, as well as receive them. But when it comes to gifting them, how do you go beyond just adding them into a greeting card or gift bag? Whatever the occasion, let's try to elevate your gift card giving game using these creative gift card presentation ideas. It’s a minimal effort with maximum effect and customization. 

Let's make your gift card more personal. Whatever special occasion you have, here are several creative gift card presentation ideas you can use for inspiration. 

1.  Potted Plant Gift Card Bouquet

Potted Plant Gift Card Bouquet

This is the perfect gift card set for all the plant lovers out there! You can even include our Monogrammed Caddy. This one is so easy to put together and can be used to present a variety of gift cards for all kinds of gifts: Thinking of You, Get Well, Happy Birthday, etc. With just a simple container and an easy-to-care-for plant, all that’s required is adding the gift cards you’ve collected to some type of holder. You can also create flower arrangements and add in a local greenhouse or plant shop gift

2. Puppy Pouch Gift Card

2. Puppy Pouch Gift Card

We can't forget about our furry-loving friends!  We have the most creative way to gift a pet boutique gift card. Simply use our Monogrammed Puppy Party Pouch Wristlet to put in their favorite pet store gift card. You can also include little pet treats to fill in the pouch like a bandana, dog necklace, puppy sticker. 

3. Lanyard/Key Chain Gift Card

3. Lanyard/Key Chain Gift Card

Using a lanyard or keychain is another simple idea based on the occasion or theme. You can gift this to a teacher, or a sports coach, or consider clipping it to a sports whistle! You can hole punch your gift card and add it to our  Breakaway Lanyard, Corded Lanyard, or Initial Keychain


4. Bling Set Gift Card

4. Bling Set Gift Card


To all the people that love bling, this is the perfect set to give a gift card. Shop our Bow Travel Jewelry Case. The size of this case is the perfect size for a gift card to their favorite jewelry store. Look into our Marleylilly jewelry to include in a few custom surprises like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

We hope this helps to up your gift card giving game! You can never go wrong with giving a gift card to someone's favorite store. Make your presentation more personal and heart-warming.

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