6 Personalized Hostess Gifts for Every Occasion

by - Tuesday, December 27, 2022

6 Personalized Gifts for Every Occassion

      Parties, Parties, Parties! You aren't hosting this time, but you want to get the hostess a gift that they'll remember and enjoy! Look no further than Marleylilly.com for the PERFECT and budget-friendly personalized gifts for the hostess for any party or get-together you're headed to!

Hostess Gifts

    This Casserole Carrier is the perfect gift for any hostess! Not only is it cute and easy to carry, but it will also come in handy for all of the parties they plan on attending in the future. This personalized gift is only $50.00 and won't break the bank. A perfect gift for a housewarming party and a winner for sure! 

Monogrammed Casserole Carrier

Monogrammed Casserole Carrier Photo 2

    Headed to a girl's night? A girl's night isn't complete without wine! Grab this Insulated Wine Bag for you and your hostess! While it's easy to carry, it can also hold up to two bottles of wine, along with your wine stopper or cork! Perfect for parties, any get-together, and under $50.00!

Monogrammed Insulated Wine Bag

Monogrammed Insulated Wine Bag Photo 2

    This Personalized Charcuterie Board is perfect for any party and hostess! Not only is it large enough to hold lots of snacks, but it is also monogrammed! At less than $100.00, you truly can't pass up this deal! We know the hostess will love it!

Monogrammed Charcuterie Board

Monogrammed Charcuterie Board Photo 2

    Headed to a cookout? This Personalized Cooler will be on everyone's wish list! Perfect for bringing to any party, outdoor or indoor! It holds up to 30 standard-sized cans and is under $50.00! With so many patterns to choose from, your hostess is sure to love this great cooler!

Personalized Cooler

Personalized Cooler Photo 2

    Invited to a lake house and looking for a gift that is less pricey? Look no further! This Monogrammed Slim Can Koolie is perfect for pool days, beach days, and family cookouts! It also will keep your drink cold for up to 12 hours! It comes in many different colors and patterns and is less than $25.00!  

Monogrammed Slim Can Koolie

Monogrammed Slim Can Koolie Photo 2

    Is the hostess a baker? Or loves to cook in general? They NEED this Monogrammed Apron. So cute, they'll want to get in the kitchen just to throw it on! It comes in brown linen and pink gingham and is less than $50.00! 

Monogrammed Apron

Monogrammed Apron Photo 2


With all of the parties you'll be invited to, we know it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your hostess. These Personalized gifts from Marleylilly will surely win over your hostess and get you an invite back every time! What party are you headed to next? Let us know in the comments!

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