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by - Thursday, January 26, 2023


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Sometimes, it takes several methods of travel to reach your destination. Whether making your way by plane, train, public transportation or automobile, you'll need a bag to hold your possessions. Understanding what bags work best for your transportation method helps you prepare for your trip. 


As you plan your next domestic or international getaway, you can avoid fees and streamline checking and security by investing in the right luggage, carry-ons and personal items. 

Carry-On and Personal Item Sizing Requirements 

Each airline has different specifications for their bag limits, but most airlines allow each passenger to bring one carry-on and one personal item. Personal item size usually depends on the space available underneath seats, but carry-on sizes are more standard because they must fit in the overhead compartments. 

Most airlines specify that carry-on items must be under 22 inches high, 18 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. These dimensions include handles, wheels, pockets, and other features that might stick out from your carry-on. Because each company has unique requirements, you should always check before packing. 

Most airlines do not specify a weight requirement for carry-ons and personal items. You should be able to lift your carry-on into and out of the overhead compartment quickly and without much difficulty. 

Checked Bags Sizing Requirements 

People traveling for short periods may only need a carry-on and personal item, but checked bags are necessary for longer getaways. Like carry-ons, airlines have size and weight requirements for checked baggage that you should know. 

Most airlines require bags to have linear dimensions of 62 inches. Linear dimensions are the sum of your bag's length, width, and height. Some companies allow bigger bags, especially for international flights, but you should always verify before packing. 

Airlines will also set limits for your luggage's weight, ranging from 44 pounds to over 100. There is more variation by company for this requirement, but many individuals invest in more lightweight luggage to optimize their space. 

Recommended Bags to Bring on Flights 

When preparing for your next trip, the right luggage sets simplify travel and packing. Marleylilly offers several suitcases and carry-ons that fit airline requirements in various styles, so you can find bags that match your aesthetic and meet your needs. Some recommended bags for flying include: 

  • Vintage suitcase collection: The vintage suitcase collection is excellent for people with a more neutral pallet. Its hard case offers excellent protection, so you can bring back your favorite souvenirs. It comes in suitcase and carry-on sizes. It has wheels that rotate completely and includes interior pockets and cables for increased stability. 
  • Purse-style carry-on: Your carry-on can take several forms to fit your style and preferences. Using a purse-style carry-on offers a chic look to your travel while allowing you to stack your luggage and carry it easily. The purse meets standard carry-on sizing requirements, giving you enough room to fit all your necessities. 
  • Packing sets: You can increase your packing organization with packing sets. These bags easily fit into luggage and carry-ons to help keep your essentials together and easily accessible. Their size makes them compatible with many items, from electronics to toiletries, allowing you to explore more plane packing ideas. Our packing sets come in several designs and colors so you can have cute bags for plane travel. 
Monogrammed Packing Bag Set


Train travel comes with different luggage requirements. Here's how to pack for train rides:

Amtrak Luggage Requirements 

Amtrak uses several railways to connect larger US cities, helping individuals efficiently and cost-effectively travel across and between states and regions for work and tourism. Amtrak established luggage requirements to streamline operations. 

Amtrak allows travelers two carry-on bags each for no extra charge. You can store carry-ons in the overhead racks or on racks located in storage sections of carts. Their dimensions require bags to be 28 by 22 by 14 inches, giving you more space than most plane carry-ons. Diaper bags and strollers don't count, so parents can travel with kids and save space. You can also check up to four bags with Amtrak for longer trips. 

Recommended Travel Bags for Trains 

Navigating trains raises different concerns compared to planes. We recommended some of the following bags for train travel: 

  • Train cases: This compact bag is perfect for train rides and allows you to keep your essentials accessible, especially your toiletries. The train case measures 10 inches in width, 7 inches tall, and 6.5 inches deep. The strap simplifies transportation for connections and getting on and off the train. 
  • Weekender bags: Weekender bags are great for shorter trips or fitting clothes and essentials inside carry-ons. This bag meets Amtrak's carry-on sizing requirements, so you can store it above your seat for easy access. It comes with a 60-inch shoulder strap, so you can efficiently navigate train stations and cabins. With several patterns to choose from, you can find a weekend bag that matches your aesthetic. 
  • Expandable travel bags: When you love to collect souvenirs and keepsakes, an expandable bag is perfect for you. The expandable bag can grow several inches to accommodate more items on return trips. This bag is also excellent when you want to invest in a flexible luggage solution that can support various trips and travel.

City Commutes 

You might need to use public transit while exploring cities. You can optimize your experience by investing in suitable bags. When navigating public transportation, you'll want to find bags that take up less space and create more hands-free opportunities. 

We recommend the following travel bags for commutes: 

  • Mini backpacks: If you want something less bulky to fit the essentials, you need a mini backpack. This bag has multiple pockets to hold various items, like portable chargers and cameras. The adjustable straps help you get comfortable while enjoying a hands-free experience. 
  • Travel packs: This clutch is compact and cute, allowing you to store your phone, charger, earbuds, or other essentials somewhere together, so you'll always know where they are. You can also slip this pack into a larger bag to keep certain items more organized. 
  • Neoprene backpacks: When you want something larger for a long day in the city, this neoprene backpack can provide ample space while exploring. It has an inside pocket and two side pockets, allowing you to organize items to your preferences and accessibility needs. The material is washable, so you can have a clean backpack for your next adventure. 

Road Trips and Car Rides 

Road trips give individuals more freedom to stop whenever they want. Depending on the car and passengers, you might even have more luggage space than other travel options, making car travel fabulous for the maximalist. 

Our recommendations for how to pack for a road trip include: 

  • Garment bags: If you are traveling for a wedding or another special event, you can protect your nice clothes with garment bags. These can hang from your car's hardware, preventing wrinkles, so your items are ready when you arrive at your destination. 
  • Car organizers: Car travel is great because you can customize your space to your preference rather than company regulations. Car organizers help you keep everything you need within easy access without creating clutter or losing items under seats. 
  • Trunk organizers: When you want to keep items secure, trunk organizers give you somewhere to place loose items or smaller bags. You can prevent items from rolling around and disrupting your carefully packed car. 

Invest in Quality Luggage From Marleylilly 

As you plan your next trip, you can get all your travel bags for different transportation methods from Marleylilly. We use durable materials meant to withstand use and movement. You can monogram any of our designs to personalize your luggage, making it recognizable in busy spaces. 

Explore our travel bags today, and discover how Marleylilly can support your next adventure. 

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  1. When it comes to choosing the best travel bags for different transportation methods, durability and reliability are key. Just like how, a company specializing in freight transportation, prioritizes the secure transport of goods, travelers should prioritize bags that withstand the rigors of their chosen mode of travel. Whether it's by air, road, or sea, having a dependable bag is essential for a hassle-free journey.