Unique Ways to Sport Your Florals This Spring

by - Thursday, January 26, 2023

Unique Ways to Sport Your Florals This Spring

While florals are not a new pattern, there is always something to learn when styling this bright and fun design. Florals come in various colors and designs for countless outfit combinations, so they are one of the more fun prints to style. Explore the following tips to discover new ways to wear florals in spring and shop Marleylilly's floral collections to help your wardrobe feel fresh and exciting.

Mix and Match Floral Bags

If you love florals but want to take a more subtle approach, this pattern is perfect as an accent piece in any outfit. Marleylilly's navy ditsy floral collection is a cute, versatile way to switch up traditional florals with its navy and light blue design. Shop backpacks, weekenders, cosmetic cases, and carry-on bags for a fun way to add a spring feel to any outfit.

For those looking for cheerful and bright flower patterns to brighten any outfit, we invite you to explore our coral floral collection. Explore options like our monogrammed neoprene wristlet for a convenient and cute way to stay hands-free on the go. We also offer accessories such as our packing bag sets to help you get into spring break vacation mode regardless of the weather.

Since our floral bags already offer a unique pattern, one styling option is to pair your bag with a plain outfit for a balanced look. For example, combine our monogrammed neoprene weekender bag from our navy ditsy floral collection with a navy, white, or light blue shirt for formal or casual wear.

Try Floral Footwear

Are you looking for ways to incorporate floral patterns into outfits from head to toe? Try floral footwear! Debuting new footwear styles is one of the best things about changing seasons, and adding a pair of floral wedge sandals or floral ankle booties is a great way to make any outfit more fun.

You can also make your footwear pop by adding a personalized element with Marleylilly's monogrammed sneakers. Our sporty white canvas sneakers are part of our blue floral collection and include a monogram on the tongue for a personalized touch.

One tip for wearing floral footwear is to limit your florals to just your shoes unless you have complementary floral patterns. Wearing just one floral piece can help you look organized and trendy and show off your footwear better.

Switch Up Your Floral Clothing Cuts

Switching up the style and cut of your floral pieces can make any traditional outfit, like a sundress, feel fresh and new. For example, our monogrammed ruffle dress offers endless styling options and a unique take on conventional sundresses. You can also try a floral crop top or flare skirt or go bold with a floral pantsuit.

When wearing unique floral clothing cuts, try to pair the statement piece with more neutral items. For example, wear a floral flare skirt with a cream top and neutral heels for a classic and glamorous outfit for any occasion.

Add Outfit Accents With Floral Jewelry

One of the many great things about florals is they work well for more than just clothing. Add accents to outfits with our simple flower stud earrings, or make a statement with an oversized floral necklace. Florals are a popular jewelry design, and you can explore many different materials, like gold, silver, and rose gold, to find an option to best match your outfit.

Since floral jewelry is more subtle, you can pair it with other floral elements to tie your outfit together. If your floral jewelry has color, try to include a complementary floral piece in your outfit. Or, make the pattern stand out by layering your jewelry.

Experiment With New Textures

Having fun with your clothing is essential, and one of the more unique ways to wear florals while staying on trend is to pair your pattern with different textures. Mixing and matching textures can make it feel like you're playing with new pieces and outfits, even if you've had these items in your wardrobe for years since each combination creates radically different styles.

For example, pair floral pants with a crochet or lace top for an eye-catching outfit. Or, match your T-shirt and jeans with silk-like materials like our monogrammed floral kimono. Whatever textures you choose, make sure your pieces are in similar color families to help your entire outfit look and feel complete.

Shop Personalized Floral Accessories at Marleylilly

Adding florals to outfits is a great way to showcase your style. When you shop at Marleylilly, you can elevate your attire further by adding a monogram. Monograms make any item one-of-a-kind instantly, and our team can monogram your item in various fonts to best match your sense of style. Shop options from our coral floralnavy ditsy, and blue floral collections to elevate your wardrobe today!

Shop Personalized Floral Accessories at Marleylilly

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