The 21 Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for Any Budget

by - Wednesday, May 31, 2023

If someone you love is turning 21, deciding on the perfect gift to mark this important milestone can be difficult — that’s why we’ve put together a list of 21 of the best 21st birthday gift ideas. 

Whether you’re on a tight budget or have a little more money to spend, this list is full of great ideas that can help your loved one celebrate in style. Let’s dive in!

Luxury 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

If your budget is flexible, you might want to consider one of these high-quality gifts for your loved one. From wine tastings to personalized carry ons, there’s something for everyone!

Custom Wine Bottle

What better way to celebrate your loved one’s 21st birthday than with a customized bottle of wine? You can write a funny message or include your favorite photo together, but either way, we’re sure this will make them smile.

We recommend getting two bottles — one to enjoy on the big day and one to save in the wine cellar. That way, they can still have a bottle to remind themselves of this special day.

Insulated Wine Bag

Now that your best friend or family member is 21, they might be ready to start attending wine night. If so, set them up for success with a monogrammed insulated wine bag. This is the perfect bag for a beachy sunset, a dinner party with friends, or a picnic in the park. 

Your best friend can fit two bottles of wine or four seltzers inside this bag and any accessories they may have in the front pocket. It has a handle on top as well as a shoulder strap, which makes it easy to transport. With six different colors to choose from, this personalized gift is a gift that they’ll use for years to come.

Tickets To A Wine Tasting

Help the birthday boy or girl turn 21 in style by taking them to a wine tasting at a vineyard or a swanky restaurant. To take this gift to the next level, you can also invite some of their closest friends and family to the wine tasting and plan a surprise party at the venue. 

Monogrammed Necklace

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind gift for the birthday girl in your life, check out our Monogrammed Delicate Disc Necklace. You can get this engraved necklace in silver, gold, or rose gold. 

Our 16-inch chain also comes with a three-inch extender to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your best friend or family member. 

Monthly Wine Subscription

Everyone knows that a crucial part of adulthood is knowing about wine. Give your loved one a jumpstart on their wine education by getting them a monthly wine subscription for their 21st birthday. They’ll learn about the different types of wine, and they may even find a new favorite.

Neoprene Carry On Bag

Another fantastic luxury birthday gift for your best friend or family member is our Monogrammed Neoprene Carry On Bag. This is the perfect bag for weekend trips, and the material is thick and durable enough to protect all of your loved one’s valuables when they travel.

Mid-Range 21st Birthday Gift Ideas 

Whether you’re looking for a mid-range gift to fit your budget or you’re looking for something nice to round out your gift bag, here are a few options that work great on their own or as an add-on.

Silver Flask

A Marleylilly Monogrammed Silver Flask is the perfect gift for the birthday boy or girl. A timeless, classy accessory, this flask holds six ounces of liquid and can be personalized with either a monogram or a name. 

Regardless of whether your loved one will become a fan of smooth gin or sweet bourbon, they can take their drink of choice with them wherever they go with this flask. 

Travel Tumbler

We may be biased, but we think that everyone needs a monogrammed travel tumbler. Whether they love a road trip or are always lounging poolside, this tumbler will be the perfect addition to any 21-year-old’s travel accessories. 

The tumbler is made with vacuum-insulated walls that will keep drinks hot or cold for hours, which makes it perfect for those long days on the beach. It also comes with a reusable straw so that you can keep your drink safe wherever you go.

Personalized Small Cooler

When you’re taking your drinks on the go, it’s important to make sure they stay ice cold. There aren’t many drinks that taste good at room temp, after all! That’s why our Personalized Small Cooler makes the perfect birthday gift. 

Unlike the bigger coolers on this list, this small cooler is perfect for when you just need to bring a few drinks to the beach or a picnic in the park. You can make this gift even more special by choosing the lettering, font, and color of the complementary monogram. 

Backpack Cooler

For your more adventurous friends, look no further than our Monogrammed Backpack Cooler. This cooler is big enough to fit your loved one’s favorite drinks and snacks, and the backpack design makes it easy to take to a beach day, tailgate, or hike. 

Unlike other coolers that tend to be bulky and boring, this cooler comes in several fun prints and can double as a stylish accessory. It can keep drinks warm or cold, and the design will allow your loved one to have full mobility while wearing it. 

Packing Bag Set

Packing can be a headache, but you can make it much easier for the birthday girl or boy by gifting them our Monogrammed Packing Bag Set. This set is made up of six pieces that will help your loved one keep their items organized and safe when they travel. 

Featuring three zippered transparent cubes and three zippered bags, these pieces are perfect for electronics, underwear, tops, and bottoms. All of the bags in the set come in matching patterns, and of course, one will feature our classic monogram.

Slim Can Koolie

Help your loved one keep their drink-of-choice ice cold with a monogrammed slim can koolie. Slim-can drinks like seltzers, hard ciders, and soda will fit snugly inside this koolie and stay cold for up to 12 hours, which is perfect for summer days at the pool or cozy nights in.

With nine different color choices and font options for the complementary monogram, you can tailor this koolie to perfectly fit your best friend’s aesthetic. 

Wristlet Pouch

If the birthday girl in your life has trouble keeping track of her essentials, our Monogrammed Wristlet Pouch may be the perfect gift for her. This pouch is big enough to fit everything your best friend may need on a day out of the house, yet small enough that she can easily carry it around without getting tired.

Drink Insulator

The birthday girl or boy in your life will be tailgating in style if you give them a monogrammed drink insulator for their 21st birthday. You can choose the background pattern, center shape, color, and font to make this gift truly custom. 

This insulator features a strong velcro closure that will keep your drink secure no matter where they go. This gift is also lightweight and portable, which makes it an ideal gift to send in the mail or pack in your bag if your loved one lives far away. 

Affordable 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

If you’re on a strict budget, don’t worry! You can still find the perfect gift for your family member or friend’s 21st birthday.

Sand Buddy

Everyone knows there’s nothing that can put a damper on a beach day like sand in your drink. Make sure your loved one never has this problem again by gifting them a monogrammed sand buddy on their 21st birthday. 

This convenient holder can fit a cup or can as well as keys, a phone, or a wallet. If you get this for your loved one on their 21st birthday, they’ll think of you every time they’re enjoying their favorite drink at the beach. 

Bottle Opener Koolie

If your friend or family member is turning 21, they’re likely going to need a bottle opener. Help them solve two problems at once by gifting them a bottle opener koolie for their 21st birthday. 

This handy accessory will keep any standard can cool and features a bottle opener on the side. It also has a clip so your loved one can clip the koolie onto their bag when they go hiking or head to the pool. 

Custom Wine Bottle Stopper

If the birthday boy or girl is a wine lover, then a custom wine bottle stopper may be the perfect gift for them. You can customize the stopper with a photo of you two together, their birthday flower, or a special saying. Make sure to pick up a bottle of your favorite wine so that they can use the stopper as soon as possible!

At-Home Mixology Set

You can help introduce the lucky lady or gent to mixology and the art of cocktail making by gifting them an at-home mixology set. These sets often contain some of the ingredients needed to make classic cocktails, as well as in-depth instructions. Spend some time showing them the ropes, and they’ll be the life of the party in no time.

Set Of Engraved Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are an essential part of any 21st birthday gift. Plus, you can have your loved one’s initials monogrammed onto them to add an extra-fancy flair.

If you decide to go for this present, make sure to include a bottle of your favorite liquor. The birthday boy or girl may want you to take a shot with them to toast the big day!

Homemade Cocktail Flight

Sometimes the best birthday gifts are experiences. If your loved one is turning 21 and you want to make their night special, you can make a flight of cocktails for them at home. 

Decorate your kitchen or living room to create a classy environment, put on some of their favorite tunes, and serve them your delicious homemade cocktails. You can make this gift even more personalized by naming each cocktail after them or one of your favorite memories together. 

A Deck of Cards

Now that your loved one is 21, you can teach them a drinking game or two! While there are many classic drinking games, quite a few of these can be played with just a drink and a deck of cards.

If you want to make this gift even more personal, you can order custom cards featuring the date or a meaningful quote. Or, of course, you can monogram it!

The Bottom Line

Regardless of your budget, there are plenty of high-quality 21st birthday gift ideas for your loved one. If the birthday boy or girl loves the beach, then a monogrammed cooler or sand buddy will equip them for a summer full of laid-back beach days.

For the fashionistas in your life, a personalized necklace or wristlet can help them celebrate their big day in style. No matter what you get your loved one, a monogrammed gift is a special way to make sure they feel loved on their big day!


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