The Monogrammed Tumbler and Helpful Hacks

by - Monday, June 05, 2023

Marleylilly Monogrammed Tumbler Hacks

Get ready to take your sipping game to a whole new level with our new 40oz Monogrammed Travel Tumblers! In this blog, we'll introduce our five new tumblers and share our tips and tricks to unlock new uses for your tumblers. So grab your favorite tumbler, take a sip of curiosity, and dive into this blog together!

Monogrammed 40oz Tumblers

Introducing our new line of 40oz Monogrammed Travel Tumblers, the ultimate companion for all your adventures, from hiking trails to road trips. Featuring a double-walled vacuum-insulated construction, our Travel Tumblers will keep your favorite beverages piping hot or refreshingly cold for hours on end. With a large ergonomic handle, carrying your tumbler throughout the day is a breeze. The twist on, slide-lid ensures that accidental spills and splashes are a thing of the past. Plus, it conveniently fits in your cupholder, making it perfect for on-the-go travel.

Travel Tumbler in Coral Floral
Tumbler Hack #1

Grab your trusty 30oz or 40oz tumbler and fill it with a handful of ice. Then, take a tall can of your drink of choice and nestle it into the ice. Next, slide the straw of your tumbler through the opening of the can and secure it by screwing on the lid. Not only does this genius hack keep your beverage icy cold for longer, but it also cleverly disguises your can and does not water down your drink! Click here for the full tutorial video!

gift hack
Tumbler Hack #2

Start with a Monogrammed Travel Tumbler of your choice and fill it with delightful surprises. Add a touch of fun by filling it with decorative confetti or a short piece of garland. Then, go ahead and treat them to some jewelry and nail polish that match their style. But wait, there's more! Complete the gift with a Marleylilly gift card, allowing them to choose something they truly love. The best part? This gift is not only customized with their favorite things but also features their monogram, adding that extra personal touch. Click here for the full tutorial!

Ice Cream Hack
Tumbler Hack #3

Grab your favorite 40oz Monogrammed Travel Tumbler, unscrew the lid, and get ready for a sweet treat. Now, here comes the magic. Choose your desired pint-sized ice cream flavor and plop it right into the tumbler. The spacious design perfectly accommodates the creamy goodness, keeping it cool and delightful while you savor every spoonful. No more worries about melting ice cream or sticky hands—this tumbler hack has got you covered! Click here for the full tutorial!

More Tumblers Coming Soon

We have some exciting news for you, we have new tumblers coming soon! We will release new colors and prints available in both 30oz and 40oz sizes. With a variety of eye-catching colors, there's a tumbler to match every personality and style. Stay tuned for the official release and be one of the first to snag these must-have tumblers!


Which one of these hacks will you try?

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