4 Ways to Style the Accessory of the Season : Statement Headbands

by - Monday, September 11, 2023

4 ways to style Statement Headbands in 2023

Statement Headbands are officially a must-have accessory in 2023! They are great for elevating an outfit, covering up dirty hair, or keeping your hair out of your face (#momlife)! Here are 4 outfits to wear your fun new accessory with:

  1. Oversized button down tunic + jeans + headband

  2. Monogrammed plaid dress + headband

  3. Quarter zip pullover + skort + headband

  4. Headband and fun statement earrings

a variety of 5 statment headbands

A classic everyday outfit can always use a headband as a finishing accessory. This is perfect for wearing to work or school on days when you may need to cover up semi-dirty hair. These statement headbands are stylish, functional, and fun!

Feeling Bold? Pair one of our bejeweled statement headbands with a loud print for a show-stopping look. You could wear our pink headband with a fun navy striped print. Or pair our confetti headband with a midi dress for a street-styled look.

Confetti headband close up

This option may seem obvious but a statement headband will always look great and compliment a monochromatic outfit. A neutral or bright-colored headband will look great with a sleek black top and black jeans or a cream sweater and cream pants.

Black with pearl headband monochromatic look

Another way to wear a statement headband is with a gameday outfit. This black headband with pearls would be perfect to wear to make a statement for your next Saturday in the south. 

Finally, fashion is meant to be fun! They are great to pack for a trip because they are functional but also stylish. They also will never go out of season which means these statement headbands can really be worn anywhere and any way you want.

******** How will you style your statement headband?********


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