It's Raining Monograms: Everything You Need to Stay Dry During Gloomy Weather

by - Friday, September 22, 2023

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 We know it can be hard to stay fashionable in rainy weather, which is why we wanted to highlight some of our super cute monogrammed rain gear! It's hurricane season, and we want to make sure you stay dry in the most stylish way possible when the gloomy weather inevitably hits. You'll be singing in the rain when you see all of the great items we have to offer! From our adorable Monogrammed Duck Boots to our trendy Monogrammed New England Rain Jacket, you'll be ready to take on any rain storm in style!

Monogrammed Rain Jacket

Our Monogrammed Rain Jacket would be a fashion-forward and elegant addition to your rainy-weather wardrobe. With its sophisticated, stylish look, its classy golden buttons, and its polyester waterproof coating, this rain jacket is the perfect way to keep you dry and stylish in any storm. Snag this rain jacket in a sleek black or beautiful khaki color. Our rain jacket is unlined and has a lightweight feel, so it won't weigh you down as you're running out to your car in the pouring rain. Overall, our Monogrammed Rain Jacket is a must-have this season.

Monogrammed Leopard Sole Duck Boots

This one is for all of our leopard lovers! Our Monogrammed Leopard Sole Duck Boots are the perfect combination of preppy, cute, and comfortable! You'll look stylish and classy when you're out and about running errands on those upcoming rainy days. These boots are the best way to elevate any outfit this season. Feel free to step in as many puddles as you want because your feet are sure to remain dry and cozy. Wear them with our unbelievably soft Duck Boot Socks to keep your feet even cozier! 

Monogrammed Umbrella

You'll be dancing in the rain with our Monogrammed Umbrella! Your rainy-day outfit will remain perfectly dry and poised when you're under the protective and charming cover of our umbrella. With its easy-touch button, you can spring your umbrella into action with ease if a downpour comes out of nowhere. Choose from a number of patterns including Dark Leopard, Tan Checkers, Coral Floral, and more! It comes with a matching cover so it can be easily carried and stored when not in use. A stormy day will never dampen your style when you're shielded by our Monogrammed Umbrella. 

Monogrammed Rain Boots

You won't be afraid to make a splash this rainy fall season in our adorable Monogrammed Rain Boots! Our trendy and simplistic Rain Boots can complement almost any outfit and are the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. With their unique quilted design and their sleek, glossy look, you'll be strutting through puddles in style. Your feet are sure to be insulated, comfortable, and dry when you find yourself caught in a rainstorm. They'll add a touch of sophistication and charm to any rainy-day ensemble. When you see a rainy day forecast, you'll instantly know what shoes to grab!

Monogrammed New England Rain Jacket

A downpour has nothing on our Monogrammed New England Rain Jacket! Trendy, cute, and functional oh my! From its gray mesh liner for air flow circulation to its two-way front zipper, it's everything you are looking for in a rain jacket. The hood, open hem, and cuffs are all adjustable so you can tailor it to your exact specifications. It even has a reflective stripe accent on both the front and back so that you can stay safe and visible during those dark and stormy days. In our New England Rain Jacket, you'll be sure to stay comfortable, dry, and of course, stylish! 

Monogrammed Explorer Duck Boots

Take on any rainy day adventure in our Monogrammed Explorer Duck Boots! Look effortlessly cute as you are stomping in mud puddles, trekking through a wet forest, or even just walking down a damp sidewalk. These Duck Boots are perfect for anyone who enjoys hiking and exploring the great outdoors. These boots will keep your feet dry and warm as you take on any rainy day quest or errand. Pair them with jeans or leggings to create a simple but cute rainy-day look. With their adorable faux sherpa and sweater collars, you'll be taking on the rain in style! 


Out of all of our monogrammed rain gear, which item are you most excited to snag this season?

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