Roadtrip Activities for Kids

by - Monday, October 30, 2023

Roadtrip activites for kids

With the holidays fast approaching, we know families are gearing up to plan those fun roadtrips to see loved ones. So, we thought what better way to delay the soundtrack of "are we there yet" than with fun ways to keep your kids organized, busy and entertained while mom and dad do their best to hold it all together from the front seat.

So let the snacks roll, the music play, and the games begin!

Monogrammed Binder

We love the idea of a busy binder! Stuff our monogrammed binder with everything from Road Trip Scavenger hunts, Coloring Pages, I spy pages, or Road Trip Bingo. These can be activities that the whole family can join in on! We've included links to some of our favorite activities below:

Monogrammed Lap Desk

    Next up on our activities list are all things tray related. We found so many amazing ideas that we think will keep your little one entertained, happy, and engaged during those long road trips. 
Using our Monogrammed Lap Desk, whether your child is in or out of a car seat, you can place this across their lap and put a busy tray on top. Using a large baking sheet you can do a number of things:

Monogrammed Baskets

    The last thing we found, an essential for every road trip is organization. An activities catch-all that mom and dad can easily access without having to pull off on the side of the road every 15 minutes looking for something. We put together our top 3 favorite baskets that easily transfer from place to place and collapse for storage when not being used!

(don't let the name fool you- this basket is great for more than just stairs!)

(6 color options to choose from)


Let us know what your favorite road trip activity is in the comments below! 

Wishing you and your family safe travels!

xoxo, Marleylilly

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