Home for the Holidays: Your Housewares Gift Guide

by - Thursday, November 02, 2023

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 November is here, and though you may be focused on your Thanksgiving plans, it also means that Christmas is right around the corner! Before you know it, you'll be decking the halls, sipping hot chocolate, and shopping for the very best holiday deals. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to make your hectic holiday hunt for gifts a little bit easier by showcasing some of of favorite housewares. These personalized home gifts are sure to elevate anybody's home decor and make your favorite hostess smile. From our Personalized Charcuterie Board to our Monogrammed Apron, these functional and elegant gifts are just what you need to put under the tree this Christmas!

Personalized Charcuterie Board

Cheese and crackers never looked so good! This Personalized Charcuterie Board has a rustic and elegant look that's fit for any countertop. It's crafted from acacia wood which makes it strong and durable as well as gorgeous and sophisticated. From savory deli meats to sweet fruits, this board can hold it all. It measures 11.5 inches tall by 19 inches wide and serves as a spacious canvas for any assortment of snacks. It's the ideal snack platter for any gathering or festivity. The monogrammed handle of the Charcuterie Board makes for a uniquely personalized and special gift that any hostess would adore. 

Monogrammed Insulated Wine Bag

This Monogrammed Insulated Wine Bag had us at Merlot! Besides its tasteful and distinguished exterior, it also has an insulated interior and a zippered closure so the bottles remain cool no matter the journey. It even has velcro straps inside that will hold two wine bottles in place so the fragile cargo stays safe and secure during any adventure. This portable bag has a convenient shoulder strap and handles so it can be easily toted to any picnic, party, or beach trip. It also has an exterior pocket that can hold a wine stopper, corkscrew, or any extra items.

Monogrammed Cookbook Stand

This Monogrammed Cookbook Stand will make cooking a breeze for your favorite home chef! We know how hard it can be to follow a new recipe, especially if the cookbook is all the way across the counter, lying flat, and covered in various ingredients. This stand makes it simple and convenient to check directions and measurements when combining ingredients, preheating the oven, or stirring over a hot stove. Crafted from Mango Wood and decorated with a rustic Jute string, this Cookbook Stand is the picture of charm and sophistication. We know your favorite hostess will thank you for this stand the next time they are preparing a meal! 

Monogrammed Acrylic Tray

Looking for a tasteful, refined, and functional gift to give this Christmas? Look no further! Any homeowner would get tons of use out of this Monogrammed Acrylic Tray. This Acrylic Tray can be put by the front door to collect keys, coins, wallets, and more. Or it can be used as a jewelry tray to keep small earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings safe and organized. The gracefully engraved personalization makes this a uniquely individual item. No matter what it's used for, we know this Monogrammed Acrylic Tray would bring a perfect combination of elegance and functionality to any home. 

Personalized Wooden Caddy

Organizing is made easy with this Personalized Wooden Caddy! With four separate compartments, sorting items is simple and effortless. This classy caddy can be used to organize silverware and napkins at the dining room table. It can also sit on the living room coffee table to hold remotes, coasters, and card games. This luxurious caddy could even stay on the bedside table to hold phones, chargers, reading glasses, and more. With its sophisticated wooden frame, leather handles, and personalization, this Wooden Caddy would elevate anyone's home decor!

Monogrammed Apron

Your favorite hostess or home cook will be whipping up dinner in style with this Monogrammed Apron. Not only will it protect their monogrammed outfit while they work away on their famous meals and desserts, but it will also ensure that they look fashionable while they do so! The tie in the back is sure to keep the apron snug and secure while they multi-task in the kitchen. Available in four fabulous patterns, we know you'll find one that's fitting for the hostess you have in mind. 

Monogrammed Casserole Carrier

There's no better way to tote dishes than with this Monogrammed Casserole Carrier! If you're always the one hosting, but your friends always bring the best dips, dishes, and desserts to the party, this is the gift for them. This Casserole Carrier effortlessly keeps hot dishes hot and cold dishes cold. Its easy-carry Velcro drop handle makes it super convenient to tote to any event. It even has an interior slot for bringing tongs, spatulas, spoons, and other utensils. Its customizable monogram and pattern make this the perfect personalized gift. 


What are you going to gift your favorite hostess this Christmas?

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