Lazy Girl Hacks: Fitness Edition – 5 Exercises To Get You Ready For Summer

by - Tuesday, May 31, 2016

five exercises to get you ready for summer

Let's be real–finding an excuse to skip the gym is basically the easiest thing to do every day. To keep the excuses to a minimum, we've got some tips to keep you on track + a great and quick at-home workout that will get you ready for bikini season!

Tip 1: Keep your workouts short. You can always do a short and intense workout, which can ultimately be better for you instead of a long drawn-out workout where you don't push yourself! We are talking a 10-minute max workout..that's it!

Tip 2: Start your day with a workout! That way you get it out of the way and then you don't have a chance to skip it later. :)

Tip 3: 
Kill two birds with one stone by combining strength and cardio training in one workout. You can do abs, squats, lunges, and push-ups all with a mix of cardio!

Tip 4: Schedule a fitness date with your friends. That way, you are held accountable and have to stick to the game plan. :)

Tip 5: Get your gym bag ready the night before. Then there is no rush (which can ultimately lead you to skip)!

Tip 6: Have a routine! If your workout schedule feels like second nature, you won't be so tempted to skip it.

Tip 7: Do you often find yourself too tired to hit the gym? Make sure you stay caffeinated! A few sips of coffee or green tea will make sure you get your energy back on track.

Tip 8: Follow fitness stars on social media to find some inspiration and set some goals!

Tip 9: Our favorite...Reward yourself! :) When you reach a certain goal, it's important to treat yourself. Whether it's a meal of your choice, new clothes, or workout gear (like this cute monogrammed tank top), it's important to give yourself some credit after putting in the work. :)

Tip 10: Make sure you are getting enough rest every night. And let's be honest, it's a great excuse to be lazy a little longer!


Don't have time for the gym today? This at-home workout is quick and sure to give you a summer body (as long as you are consistent)! :)

10 Burpees

burpees exercise

20 Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers exercise

15 Push Ups

push up pose

20 Squats

squat exercise

15 High Knees

knees excercise

Make sure that you do not rest between movements! Repeat all five movements five times. You can rest 1 minute after each round, but make sure you push yourself to get faster each time!

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