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by - Sunday, May 29, 2016

What's our favorite trend for summer? PINEAPPLE!

What makes this fruit so popular in the world of fashion? Could it be the pretty, green crown pineapples wears Or maybe, because the pineapple represents hospitality, warmth, & friendship since the olden days? We're talkin' Christopher Columbus days before wearing pineapple print on your clothes was cool! Can't you see Chris rockin' a pair of pineapple pants? LOL

Anyways, we are absolutely crazy for pineapples! 

Here are a few summer "must-haves" that feature the fun fruit:

If you aren't eating pineapple, wear it! This pineapple charm bracelet & monogrammed pineapple necklace are the perfect accessories to top off any outfit, whether it be for a night out or a day in the sun! Plus, they both come in multiple colors & can be personalized with your monogram. LOVE! 

GET IN OUR CLOSETS! Seriously, y'all. These shirts are adorbs and perfect for both the preppy gal & the casual chica. Pair this pineapple t-shirt with pearls & your favorite white jeans for a classic look. The #squadgoals tank would look great by the pool or relaxin' on the beach... or while watching Netflix (let's be realistic, here).

*TARGET FIND: PINEAPPLE POOL FLOAT* While shopping in Target yesterday (they know us by name... not kidding), we stumbled upon this funky float! Who knew you could find something this awesome in a store versus having to order it online?! YAS.
P.S.- Target does not have the float advertised on their website, but they do have it in stores!

Oops, almost forgot how delicious pineapples are to eat! Our girl Lauren Conrad (forever our #1 girl crush) pinned this awesome recipe for pineapple ice cream. Just imagine laying on your pineapple float eating pineapple ice cream while wearing your pineapple #squadgoals tank. We wouldn't complain. 

We are going to leave y'all with this very sentimental quote & possibly you next pick up line: 

What's YOUR favorite pineapple trend? Tell us below:

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