Amusement Park Shopping Guide

by - Wednesday, September 05, 2018

monograms for the amusement park

The day has finally come! You have prepped, saved, packed, and planned for your family’s much-anticipated vacation for months. You’ve bought matching shirts for the whole family, planned out each day at the parks, and have budgeted for every meal, souvenir, and yes, even Mickey ears. I, too, felt like I had made my list and checked it twice...until I got there. Very quickly I realized my cute shoes weren’t so cute after walking 8 miles...I also forgot to drink enough water...and my heavy backpack was definitely taking its toll by the end of the fireworks celebration that night. So if you think you’ve thought of it all, here’s a couple amusement park essentials that can make your trip even BETTER! :D

black water bottle with monogram

When you’re riding rides and having the time of your life, you can sometimes forget that you still need the water. Avoid the heat headache and personalize a monogrammed water bottle to take with you!

fanny pack for the amusement park

Still think that fanny packs are a thing of the past? Think again! This Monogrammed Fanny Pack with drink holder is the perfect way to carry your phone and wallet and drink all at once! And best of all, it’s super lightweight and can easily go on rides with you!

monogram sneakers for amusement park

When I went to Disney a couple weeks ago, I cannot tell you how many ladies I saw that looked super adorable but also SUPER uncomfortable. Cute heels just aren’t going to cut it for a 10 hour day of walking. So instead, try on these Monogrammed Athleisure Sneakers for size! Not only are they going to give you the cute factor, but they are more importantly going to give you the COMFORT factor. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

monogram skirt

If looking cute is your thing, then you need to invest in this Monogrammed Athleisure Skirt. My favorite part about it? The shorts underneath! It makes riding rides and walking around a breeze!

monogrammed tank top

My recent trip to Disney was hot hot HOT! Stay cool in a Monogrammed Tank Top! And if you love matching, snag one for everyone in your family! Especially if you’re going on a girls trip or bachelorette weekend! ;) Then they’re absolutely a MUST!

monogrammed baseball hat

Don’t forget to bring a Monogrammed Baseball Hat on your trip! This was one thing I forgot to do, and I had a very burnt forehead and nose by the end of the day to prove it! Personalize one in your favorite color today!

We hope you and your family have a wonderful time on your trip! Say hello to Mickey and Minnie for us! :)

Peace, Love & Monograms,


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