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by - Friday, September 14, 2018

monogrammed suede items

If you haven't heard yet, suede is a major trend this fall and we are here to help inform you about it!
Whether it's belts, necklaces, pants, or shoes, suede is applicable to just about any fashion item you can think of! It's so versatile and fashionable which is why we love it so much. Suede has been around since the 70s, and still as beautiful and classic as it was 50 years ago. Fall clothes might be some of our favorites, and suede definitely helps us transition into this season, so here are some of our favorites here at Marleylilly that I think you all will love!

monogrammed suede clothing and accessories

While all of these are beautiful, I have a few that stick out to me as personal favorites! If you're someone who loves jewelry like me, some of our fall pieces incorporate suede in a very unique way. #4 is our Monogrammed Suede Strap which is completed with a simple suede strap and gorgeous reflective beads! These can even be personalized and given as an amazing monogrammed gift! Another piece of jewelry I love is our Monogrammed Suede Bracelets. With a genuine suede bracelet, these include a gold or silver plate that can be personalized with your initials! I'm someone who loves stacking bracelets to give your arm candy dimension, and these are great for just that! With four different colors to choose from, we have all the neutrals and pops of color your heart will desire!  

If you're sticking with a more classic and traditional yet fashion-forward look, our riding boots are the way to go with a slim and tailored look. These pair amazingly with leggings and an oversized sweater for a more comfortable outfit. On the other hand, a simple long sleeve black dress could also be used with these boots to dress it up and take it to the next level! Having a neutral dress to complement the boots will create balance in your look and create a modern feel. 

With snap buttons lining down the front and a flattering silhouette, our Reversible Skirt gives you fashion and versatility all in one! This is another article of clothing that is a staple in your fall wardrobe, as you can tuck in a simple black top with the plaid skirt, or go with a pop of color on the brown suede side. If you wanted to switch it up, you could also go with a more personalized look with a monogrammed tunic and booties!

As seen above, Marleylilly has no shortage of suede this season! Whether it's on the runway, fashion bloggers, or the bystander on the street, suede will be a prominent trend this year and we don't want you to miss out on it! If it's a must-have in your wardrobe or a little bit of a stretch for your closet, go out of your comfort zone and dare to wear suede this fall! Visit to grab your pieces today!

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