Monogrammed Cups: A Buying Guide

by - Monday, September 10, 2018

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Who doesn’t love a good, personalized cup? At Marleylilly, we’re mega-fans of the custom cup, especially as sweet, practical gifts for newlyweds, new homeowners and bachelors and bachelorettes. In fact, personalized drinkware is our specialty, and we’ve got it down to a science. Whether you want to customize a style as a thoughtful gift or load up on multiples for out-of-this-world favors and giveaways, read this guide first! We’ll help you decide what and how to buy for your customized cup creations, no matter your vision or recipient.

Monogram Cups

Know Your Monogram: How to Monogram Cups

When shopping for monogrammed cups, you’ll notice that there are several different personalization options. With most products, you can choose whatever font and text color you like for a totally customized experience. But there are a few important things to know when you’re monogramming. Your recipient(s) will help guide you toward how to monogram your gift.

There is a difference when monogramming for an individual and a couple. So, if you’re giving a monogrammed gift to a single person (like your mom or maid of honor), then you should follow the rules for the personal monogram. If you’re buying monogrammed cups for wedding favors or specifically for a couple to share, follow rules for the couple’s monogram.

For more detailed information on how to properly monogram your personalized gifts, make sure to read our Monogram 101 guide!

       Personal Monogram—The personal monogram is made to celebrate just one individual, and the formula usually goes like this, from left to right: the first initial of the first name, the first initial of the last name (usually larger than the letters flanking it) and then the first initial of the middle name. More modern versions may have the same setup, but with the middle name initial in the middle, so that it reads “in order.”
       Couple’s Monogram—Etiquette experts say that the traditional married couple monogram goes from left to right, with: the wife’s first name initial, the husband’s last name initial (usually a bit larger than the two letters flanking it) and then the wife’s maiden name initial. More contemporary versions may replace the wife’s maiden name initial with the husband’s first name initial. Single letters for the new couple’s last name also qualify as monograms.

What about if the bride doesn’t take the groom’s last name? For personal monograms, this doesn’t change anything—get her the cup with her monogram and her existing name, of course. But for couple’s monograms, traditional etiquette dictates that the last name initial used is the husband’s, but you can really go about this however you want, as long as it honors the couple’s choice. Some cup designs allow you to include hyphens in monograms as well!

White Monogrammed Cup

Know Your Glassware: Different Cup Styles

Once you’ve decided how to monogram your cups, it all comes down to personal preferences. The first thing you want to do when shopping for customized cups is to ask yourself who will be using the cup and what kinds of things they like to drink. For more practical options, like guzzling water and mixed drinks, we’re big on personalized tumblers—these are endlessly popular for bachelorette party favors!

Of course, if your recipient is big on coffee, go for the personalized coffee mug. If she loves her drinks stiff, well…spring for that custom flask. You can also personalize water bottles, decanters, travel mugs, mint julep cups and all sorts of fun drinkware. To add the cherry on top, couple your custom mug selection with a hand-selected bottle of wine, a bag of gourmet coffee beans or whatever else she’s into!

various Monogram Cups

Know Your Needs: Ordering in Bulk

Thinking about using personalized drinkware as favors, giveaways or special gifts? Newlyweds often hand out monogrammed cups as wedding favors featuring their joint monogram, and this is a great idea if you’re committed to handing out practical favors people will actually use. Luckily, at Marleylilly, you’ll get volume discounts when you order bulk monogram cups—just contact us with the details (the quantity you need) and we’ll happily help!

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