5 Monogrammed Tech Products You’ll LOVE

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2019

In today’s world, tech rules. We use electronics at work, at home, and on the go. If you’re attached at the thumb to your electronic devices, you might as well make them cute and personalized, right?! Whether you're a college student just looking for the basics, a professional photographer looking for some fun new gear, or a tech wizard that HAS to have all the latest tech toys, here are five monogrammed tech products you'll love! 

Camera Strap

Whether it be a vacation or a day at the park with the kids, the Monogrammed Camera Strap has you covered for helping you capture all those memories in monogram style. Available in 4 colors, the camera strap will fit just about any camera out there! 

Laptop Backpack

This is a great gift for back to school or find your color for those weekend errand days. The backpack has a sleeve on the inside specifically to keep your laptop safe from any books or other items in the backpack. It also features two side pockets for drinks on the go!

Laptop Sleeve

Don't need the extra space in a backpack? The laptop sleeve is great for protecting your laptop from the elements and keeping it stylish all at the same time.

Phone Crossbody

The PERFECT concert accessory. Don’t want to lug around a big ole’ tote? The Monogrammed Phone Crossbody fits the essentials for any event. A one size fits all, it is made to hold the large iPhone 8 down to the smallest smartphone. Welcome in summer concerts and sporting events with a new crossbody companion! 

Glitter Phone Case

Bring the bling to your phone with our Monogrammed Glitter Phone Case! Available in iPhone 7/8 and above, the shiny mint or silver glitter in the case adds some pop to your phone and is ever so pretty to look at!


Peace, love, and monograms!

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