The Best Outfits for Southern Spring Adventures

by - Monday, February 25, 2019

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Styling and Traveling Tips from Marleylilly's Photographer

Springtime in the South is my favorite time of year.  Flowers are blooming and the weather is amazing!  In this blog post, I have picked five locations I love to visit and outfits that are comfortable and practical for this time of year.  Get your monogrammed weekender bags ready as we explore charming Charleston SC, Savannah GA, Asheville NC, Richmond VA, and Hilton Head SC!

Charleston, SC 

My absolute favorite place to visit this time of year is Charleston, SC.  Springtime is the start of the festival season and some of the Souths biggest festivals take place here including the South Eastern Wildlife Exhibition, Spoleto Art Festival, and Charleston Food and Wine Festival.  Downtown Charleston is packed with history and shopping but it's nice to venture out of the city to visit Magnolia Gardens, Sullivans Island, or Boone Hall Plantation.

When visiting Charleston in the Springtime the weather is typically in the 60-80 degree temperature range.   I recommend light layers and maybe a light jacket for cooler evenings.  Charleston streets can be a little bumpy and parking are scarce so it's important to wear comfortable shoes.  Beaches are close to the peninsula so remember to pack some sandals and a sunhat.  

shirt and hat and sneakers and bag
1.  Sleeveless Dress  
2.  Boyfriend Dress  
3.  Monogrammed Printed Pullover  
4.  Straw Visor  
5.  Weekender Seersucker  
6.  Seersucker Tote  
7.  Vacuum Water Bottle  
8.  Monogrammed Sneakers  

Hilton Head, SC 

Another gem located in South Carolina just south of Charleston is Hilton Head Island.  Beautiful beaches and flowing Palm trees are a welcome break from the southern sun even in the springtime.  Usually Hilton Head is a little less crowded in the spring as so it's a great way to beat the crowds.  Hilton Head has tons of outdoor activities like nature walks, golfing, and boating. It's also the perfect place to sit on a porch and watch the ocean waves crash on the soft sand beaches.  Try renting a bike to see the island or climb the Harbour Town lighthouse. 

The weather in Hilton Head is very similar to Charleston so bring light layers and clothes to beat the heat.  If the ocean wind picks up its nice to have a light jacket.  Bring some sandals, sunglasses, and a tote bag with your favorite magazines.   If the weather is warmer make sure to pack some swimsuits for laying out.

monogrammed sandals and swim suit and fishing shirt
1.  Monogrammed Visor  
2.  High Neck Bikini Top  
3.  Watermelon Sun Hat  
4.  Monogrammed Hooded Coverup Tunic  
5.  Fishing Shirt  
6.  Sand Buddy 
7.  Embroidered Sandals 
8.  Mexicali Sandals  
9.  Mega Beach Bag  

Savannah, GA 

Heading even further south from Hilton Head is the beautiful port city of Savannah, GA.  Here the old oak trees cover old historic homes and fresh markets.  Savannah is known for being one of the original 13 colonies and the oldest city in Georgia.  Georgia is full of culinary treats and great restaurants like Old Pink House, Noble Fare, and Circa 1875.   Savannah is also one of the most haunted places in America so be sure to go on a nighttime ghost tour!

When getting ready for your trip be sure to pack shorts and lightweight shirts.  If you plan on going out bring a casual dress and for tourist activities bring tank tops or short sleeve shirts.  There are lots of places to walk to so again comfortable shoes are a must!  One thing to remember in the South is it can get hot so always have a water bottle close.  

white dress and purse and sandals

1.  Derby Hat
2.  Monogrammed Straw Crossbody 
3.  Shift Dress
4.  Monogrammed Romper 
5.  Monogrammed Sandals
6.  Monogrammed Insulated Water Bottle 
7.  Seersucker Scrunchie 
8.  Monogrammed Pullover Sweatshirt 

Richmond, Virginia 

Heading up north but still in the South is Richmond Virginia.  Historical Richmond is where founding father Patrick Henry famously declared "Give me liberty or give me death" at St John's Church in 1175.  Some activities to check out are the State Captial, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.  In the Springtime Maymont, a 100-acre Victorian estate and public park is amazing to see.  

The weather in Spring ranges from chilly to moderate.  Be prepared with a jacket or light coat.  A cardigan is nice to layer with and during spring days a long sleeved shirt combo is all you need!  Rain can creep up so its also good to have rain gear like duck boots, comfy socks, and a rain jacket. 

sweatshirts and rain jacket and purse and boots

1.  Colorblock Fleece  
2.  Preppy Patch Tunic  
3.  Terry Hoodie 
4.  New England Rain Jacket  
5.  Boyfriend Cardigan  
6.  Riding Boots  
7.  Quilted Chain Handbag  

Asheville, NC 

Our final location is on many a bucket list and that's Asheville, NC.  In the Springtime the famous Biltmore mansion is a sight to behold.  Its massive residence covers a wide range of activities like touring the Châteauesque-style house to enjoying wine at the vineyard or walking in the botanical garden.  Ashville downtown has a thriving restaurant and craft beer scene.  I recommend shopping downtown then walking over to local eatery Buxton Hall.  If you don't feel like walking take the LaZoom tour which is a bright purple bus that's part craft beer, part comedy, and full of adventure.

Asheville has plenty of outdoor activities and springtime weather can be a little unpredictable but it usually about 15 degrees colder than neighboring Charlotte.  Wear comfortable shoes and layered clothes like a soft sweater or light cardigan.  It's wise to bring a rain jacket or umbrella for potential rain and also a small backpack for storing all your shopping finds. 

sweatshirt and duck boots and hat

1.  Pullover Rain Jacket  
2.  Utility Vest  
3.  Heathered Pullover Tunic 
4.  Monogrammed Quilted Backpack  
5.  Baseball Hat 
6.  Tall Duck Boots  
7.  Pull-On Duck Boots  

Springtime is the best time for visiting the South and I hope this blog will help you plan for an amazing trip.  Remember to bring your camera and some friends.  All of these places are a sure bet for a good time. Stay tuned for more packing tips and adventure notes from Marleylilly!

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