Monogram Tips: 11 Things You Should Monogram

by - Friday, February 22, 2019

eleven things you should monogram

For hundreds of years, monogramming items and decor was a way to show ownership and also symbolized prestige. Monogramming can be traced to the days of ancient Greece and now you see everything from monogrammed boots and towels to personalized handbags and drinkware. Monogrammed mugs, hats, backpacks and even handkerchiefs are becoming popular and can be a fun way to add some personalization to everyday items. You can also monogram home decor and accessories to give someone as a gift.

Here are 11 things you can monogram:

1. Backpacks. One of the most versatile bags on the planet can be personalized with your monogram to make it truly yours. From mini backpacks and cinch packs to diaper backpacks and everyday bags, you can have your initials in an eye-catching lettering design placed right on the bag for a custom look.

monogram Cell Phone case

2. Cell Phone Case. Cell phone cases are one of those things you can monogram with your initials and also customize with some stylish colors or glitter. Whether you own an iPhone or other smartphone, you can pick up a stylish case with your initials printed in vinyl over it for a personalized look. These cases also make a great gift.

3. Summer Sandals. If you plan on spending most of those summer days in flip-flops and sandals, show off that pretty pedicure in a pair of monogrammed sandals. Pick up a pair for yourself and a friend to add a stylish touch to your warm weather wardrobe.

4. Boots. Boots don’t usually make it to the top of the things to monogram list but they can be personalized with a monogram to create the look of custom-made boots. From traditional winter duck boots to some basic booties, you can put together a stylish fall or winter look with your initials imprinted right on your boots.

5. Socks. Personalized socks make a great gift and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can have them personalized with the recipient’s initials and give them as part of a bigger gift for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.
Monogram bracelet

6. Wrap Bracelet. Wrap bracelets are still a top trend in jewelry this year and can be a great casual accessory for any jewelry lover. Take your pick of our faux leather bracelets designed with a buckle closure and a plate with a monogram.

7. Beach Bags. It’s not a day at the beach without the right beach bag and you can really pull the look together with a monogrammed tote. Beach bags made with a durable canvas material that’s also water-resistant will make for the perfect day at the beach.

8. Travel Bags. For most people, a travel bag is an investment piece because it’s something you only use occasionally. Travel bags are among the many things you can monogram to create a custom look. From duffel bags to weekender totes, pick out a stylish travel bag with your initials on it for your next adventure.

Monogram travel mug

9. Travel Mug. Whether you want to treat yourself to something new or want to buy a unique gift for a travel junkie, one of the things you can monogram is a travel mug. Travel mugs are available in several trendy colors and styles and can be personalized with a vinyl sticker monogram on the outside to create a custom design.

10. Bridesmaid Gifts. It can be tricky trying to shop for a bridesmaid but you can pick up a gift set that’s monogrammed with the bridesmaid’s initials to give her something she’ll always remember. A pair of sparkly earrings packaged in a canvas case with her initials on it can make the perfect gift for your loyal bridesmaids.

11. Beach Towels. Spend your days at the beach or lounging by the pool on an eye-catching beach towel designed with your initials on it. Not only is it a must-have summertime accessory, but also makes a great gift for friends and fellow beach lovers.

From travel bags to sandals, there are several things you can monogram to own some eye-catching accessories with a custom design. Personalized items can be the perfect gift for the wedding party, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. The recipient will appreciate the personal touch and will remember you every time they use the item. Whether you’re splurging on a few items for yourself or shopping for gifts, take a look at the selection of things you can monogram at Marleylilly.

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