5 Things to Keep In Your Monogrammed Locket

by - Wednesday, May 15, 2019

You've heard the saying if something is special to you, "keep it close to your heart". Well, we're doing that quite literally with our Monogrammed Locket, available in silver, gold and rose gold! It's functional and personalized - what's not to love?! A monogrammed necklace is timeless, classic and so versatile to wear with so many different looks! As if you need any more reasons to #treatyourself, here are five things you can put in your monogrammed locket!

picture of loved ones

Probably the more obvious thing you would put in your locket is a picture of your loved ones, but for a good reason! What better to keep close to your heart than your loved ones? This tradition dates back as early as War World I when soldiers would keep a photo of their loved ones in a pocket near their chest. You also see this romantic gesture in pop culture through song lyrics or movies. 

This photo could be of an individual or a group of people - a parent, sibling, relative, boyfriend, husband, family photo or even your family pet!

inspirational quotes

We've all been in the place where we mindlessly scroll through Pinterest or Instagram looking for inspirational quotes about life, work, breakups, you know the drill. What better than an inspirational quote to put a little pep into your step? Another idea - print our favorite Bible verse to keep you encouraged throughout the day! A super cute necklace to stack with your Monogrammed Locket is our Monogrammed Proverbs 31 Necklace or the Monogrammed Cross Necklace


Goals are a great addition to your Monogrammed Locket. Type up 2-3 succinct goals for your locket! New Year's resolutions, fitness goals or personal mantras are a great place to start! Haven't gotten around to writing our serious goals yet? Don't worry - write all your ideas down in your Monogrammed Notebook to help get your ideas flowing! 


Dates are ways to remember special events in our lives - a graduation date, a wedding date, the date of a loved one's passing. Whatever the reason, dates bring a sense of power and presence, so print out the date you'd like to reflect on and keep it safe in your locket! 


Maybe you have a special memory you'd like to hold close! Most people wouldn't think to store a keepsake in their locket, but get creative! If it's small enough to fit in your locket, the sky is the limit! Cut out a small piece of paper from an event or a small piece of fabric from your wedding dress!

Trust us, your new Monogrammed Locket will be your new go-to, especially when you make it your owne! What will you put in your locket?! Comment down below!

Peace, love, and monograms!

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