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by - Monday, May 13, 2019

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Oh hey, monogram lovers! In case you can't tell, we love making new friends! Be the first to know and follow all our social platforms to keep up with best deals, new arrivals, behind the scenes, restocks, giveaways, and all the #monogrammed must-haves! So what are you waiting for?! Let's get this party started:

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If you post a pic repping your Marleylilly monograms, don't forget to tag us @marleylilly or #marleylilly! We love to interact with your content! You never know... your post could be featured on our page! 😉

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New to Marleylilly? No problem, we'll get you up to speed! Here are 10 fun facts to help get you acquainted!

  • Marleylilly is an e-commerce monogramming and personalization gift boutique. 
  • Marleylilly was named after our owners' two dogs, Marley and Lilly!
  • Our headquarters is located in Greer, SC, and we operate exclusively online.
  • At night, our warehouse lights up pink! It's so bright, you can even see our building from an airplane!
  • Our in-house teams include marketing, customer service, product development, sourcing, production, fulfillment, and distribution.
  • In August 2018, we launched Marleylilly Kids - a site with all our favorite monograms in kid's sizes!
  • You can order items that aren't personalized by clicking the "Do Not Personalize" box as you're viewing each product on our site.
  • We have a robotics fulfillment system in our warehouse to make our fulfillment process speedy!
  • We have a blooper site full of brand new monograms that are up to 70% off! 
  • Some of our best sellers have been with us since the start of Marleylilly back in 2010!
Peace, love, and monograms!

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