Why Monogrammed Gifts Are Perfect for Baby Showers & Birthdays

by - Friday, May 31, 2019

monogrammed clothing for babies

Whether you have been invited to a baby shower or a birthday party, finding the perfect gift is crucial. The right present shows the recipient how much you care, so it’s important to choose something that is both meaningful and functional. A quick online search reveals millions of potential options, and visiting a local store doesn’t narrow down the selection much. There are countless choices, and knowing which one to buy isn’t always easy. 

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When you are trying to find the perfect gift, a monogrammed present is always a great choice. There is something special about a gift emblazoned with one’s initials and, when you give one, the recipient will know that you put thought into it. Here are just a few of the many reasons why monogrammed gifts are perfect for baby showers and birthdays. 

Monogrammed Gifts Are Personal

It takes very little thought or effort to walk into a store and buy the first gift you see. Ordering a monogrammed gift, however, means you took the effort to create something a whole lot more personal. If you are buying a birthday gift for a child who loves playing outside, for example, a pair of kids’ monogrammed duck boots would be perfect. For kids who are in school, personalized backpacks are always fun and functional birthday gifts. 

Monogrammed gifts for infants are wonderfully personal baby shower gifts, too. New parents who are waiting on their bundle of joy to arrive are thrilled to receive things like bibs and layettes emblazoned with the initials of their new bundle of joy. Personalized apparel is even better for parents who are expecting twins. It will be much easier for the exhausted new mom to tell her little ones apart on sleepless nights when they’re wearing monogrammed sleep gowns
They Often Become Treasured Keepsakes

monogrammed baby blanket

Babies and kids only stay small for so long. Their interests, likes, and dislikes change rapidly, and many gifts that seem perfect today are likely to end up lost or thrown away tomorrow. When you give a monogrammed gift, however, it is likely to be treasured for a lifetime. 

A monogrammed baby blanket, for example, will be used when an infant is small and may become a special comfort item later. It could even end up being a treasured piece of home that the child eventually brings with him or her to college to help ease homesickness. 

Initial jewelry also is commonly kept as a keepsake item. When presented to a child as a birthday gift, it is a special item that she cherishes as she grows up. While she may outgrow the particular piece, it will likely end up being stored neatly in her jewelry box for years to come. 

Monogrammed Gifts Aren’t Often Duplicated

Have you ever been to a shower or birthday party and given the same gift as someone else? Even if the recipient is appreciative, it’s still an awkward situation that most of us would like to avoid. Giving a monogrammed gift greatly reduces the likelihood of this happening. At Marelylilly, there are countless options for personalized gifts, and the odds of more than one person purchasing the exact same thing are extremely small. Stepping outside the box and giving a custom gift is a great way to set yourself apart from the rest of the guests. 

It’s the Thought that Counts

When giving gifts, most of us have heard that “it’s the thought that counts.” The thought and meaning behind a gift are much more important than the gift itself and, when you give something emblazoned with a monogram, you are showing that plenty of thought went into your gift. Anyone can walk into a big box store and grab something off the shelf. It takes much more thought and consideration to choose the perfect present and have it customized with someone’s initials. 

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Monogrammed gifts are perfect for virtually any occasion. They work especially well for things like baby showers and children’s birthday parties, though. New parents and children are often given generic items that, while useful, aren’t always particularly meaningful. Monogrammed gifts, on the other hand, are quite special, and they are a great way to show the recipient just how much you care. At Marleylilly, we have monogrammed gifts you’ll love. Check out our selection today.

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