8 Personalized Bags to Add to Your Collection

by - Friday, August 28, 2020

8 Personalized Bags to Add to Your Collection

You can never have too many bags, right? That's certainly how we feel here at Marleylilly! I mean, there are so many different occasions for which you'll need a bag that is not only practical but cute! Luckily, Marleylilly has a number of fashionable totes and pursesluggage and travel, crossbody and clutchesbackpacks, coolers, and plenty of other bags that are perfect for every occasion imaginable - AND they are personalized! We've put together this guide to assist you in selecting the most practical and fashionable bags that we believe every gal needs in their collection!

monogrammed bags from marleylilly.com

Heading to the beach, baseball field, or a backyard cookout? This bag is essential for carrying your drinks and snacks while keeping them cool. Not to mention, it is adorable and you'll never get it confused with other coolers! Looking for a cooler that is a little bit smaller, for work or school? You should check out our Personalized Small Cooler and our Monogrammed Lunch Bag

 How cute is that scallop detail? It is so darling! This bag is quite possibly one of the most versatile bags you could add to your collection. This bag could be used to hold the essentials while going shopping, hanging out with friends around town, and while going to work! For any of these occasions, I would recommend pairing this with the Monogrammed Leather Wallet that will fit perfectly inside the tote, for a matching look!

This bag is certainly tried and true and absolutely everyone needs this bag in their collection to carry around their everyday essentials. It differentiates from the Monogrammed Scalloped Tote Bag in that it has a very classic, sophisticated, and traditional look. This bag will match absolutely every outfit you could possibly wear. This bag couldn't be more perfect for holding all the necessities: your sunnies, Monogrammed Beaded Key Ring, planner, and wallet. It's a true everyday bag. 

If you're anything like me, you must be raving over the leopard trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. As Elle Magazine said, animal print garments will be "forever chic."  I want leopard print everything - garments, accessories, and shoes! Of course, Marleylilly heard our cry and offered this fabulous leopard print tote. It comes in two gorgeous versions of leopard print that can be used to complement your outfits with a fun and practical accessory. 

Gone are the days of waiting outside of a packed concert venue and holding up the security line as you try to decide what items you can rid yourself of to meet the standard belongings requirements. That is no fun! This bag will make you far more efficient, as you can pack it full, knowing that you will be able to make it through security with no questions asked! It comes in three different colors: gold, silver, and multi. For the most practical use of space, opt for our Confetti Card Case or the Monogrammed Credit Card Phone Case Pocket to hold your essentials in the bag, and be able to fit in other necessities!

This bag is another great everyday bag, like the Monogrammed Tote Bag. It is a classic bag that you need because it will make everything so convenient. Let's say that you are headed on a shopping day trip. You can certainly fill this bag with all of your everyday essentials: wallet, phone, lipgloss, keys, and other items. The next day, you might go to a football game. Luckily, this bag requires no alteration. It is stadium approved - so it works for everywhere! It also requires you to lighten your everyday load because it is smaller than the totes. Plus, it isn't clear like the Monogrammed Clear Crossbody, so it offers more privacy, which is more feasible for everyday use!

At Marleylilly, we have a number of stunning and budget-friendly handbags that can be personalized for individuality. One of our all-time favorites (and yours!) is the genuine leather Monogrammed Tote Bag. This bag can handle and carry it all - your laptop, wallet, notebooks - and it could even act as a fabulous beach bag or diaper bag. It has a zip-pouch on the side that is perfect for holding the necessities and it makes for easy access to them. What is most special about this bag is its quality. Leather totes physically withstand all the messes, spills, and their style is timeless. 

Marleylilly recognizes how stressful traveling can be. Marleylilly takes your worries about looking stylish and put together while traveling with their travel bags. You can easily look put together by opting for items in the Sawyer Travel Set Collection, which is a line of all black and white striped bags. Our Monogrammed Weekender Bag matches the Monogrammed Tote Bag (number seven) perfectly. Additionally, it is so spacious that it will hold a number of toiletry bags in it, like the Monogrammed Hanging Toiletry Bag, and the Monogrammed Train Case, along with plenty of your weekend essentials. 

You could never go wrong with any of these bags. They all have their specialties, but they are all practical for everyday life. We hope you enjoy them! 

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