How To Guide: Caring For Your Monograms

by - Thursday, August 20, 2020

How to Care For Your Monograms
The seasons are changing and it's time to bring out the jackets, sherpa pullovers, rain jackets , and duck boots.  Now that the attic is cleaned out its time to refresh your wardrobe and bring back that "like new " luster!  In this blog post I'll tell you how to clean your embroidered items, so grab these supplies and let's get to it!

Cleaning Supplies You'll Need:

Sponge, Soapy Water, Clean Rag, Boar Bristle Brush, Mild Detergent, Washer + Dryer, Hanger

After you have gathered the cleaning items, you are ready to start. Go ahead and separate any monogrammed sherpa pullovers or sherpa vests (more on them later).  Make sure embroidered items are inside out. No need to use bleach or fabric softeners.  For the best results hang dry or put in the dryer on low heat.  Remember you don't need steam an embroidered surface. It is okay to iron on low heat to keep the fabric smooth.  Easy right?
Monogrammed Duck Boots

First things first, if your monogrammed duck boots or pull on duck boots have any mud or crud on them wipe them off with a clean towel or sponge. An old soft bristle toothbrush works well for getting clumps of mud around eyelets and sole grooves.  If you have a lot of different duck boots like me you might need a bunch of rags. Our winter duck boots hold up great in the muck just make sure to not let dirt sit on them for too long.  Grab a bowl and fill with soapy water.  Soak the sponge or rag and apply to the lower part of the duck boots.  Wipe away any excess dirt or residue on the upper with a soft brush or rag.  Give the entire boot one more wipe down and let sit to dry.  If you have a suede or leather cleaner apply that to the upper.  
Monogrammed Sherpa Pullovers

For your sherpa pullovers and sherpa jackets, it's okay to wash every four weeks or so. Unless you are getting into some major weather elements sherpa holds up pretty well.  It is okay to put your sherpa in a washing machine, just set it to a low temperature and put it on the delicate spin cycle.  Remember to use mild laundry detergent and no fabric softeners or bleach.  It's best to wash your sherpa separate and not with other items.  After the wash, I recommend hanging them on a hanger to air dry but if you need a faster job you can put them in the dryer on the low tumble setting.  If your sherpa has some matting or pilling you can comb it out with a boar bristle brush. 
Monogrammed Rain Jacket
Unlike sherpa, rain jackets can be mixed in with your other washables.  Just make sure you pull it inside out.  Wash with mild detergent and cold water on delicate or the hand wash cycle. I suggest after the wash throwing the rain jacket back in for one more rinse cycle to get out all of the detergent.  Don't use bleach or fabric softener. The best way to dry rain jackets is to hang on a hanger in an area with plenty of ventilation.  If you don't have a lot of time you can tumble dry the rain jacket just make sure it is right side out and zipped up.  This will help with pilling on zippers and velcro.

This concludes our basic tips on how to clean and spruce up your fall favorites.  It's pretty easy to take care of your monogrammed items and with just a little love can increase the lifespan of the garment and keep them looking like new.  For a more in-depth dive into how to clean your monogrammed garments search cleaning" on our blog homepage.  Thanks again for reading and feel free to share any of your cleaning tips in the comments below.  

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