10 Things You May Not Know About Marleylilly!

by - Wednesday, July 14, 2021

10 Things You May Not Know About Marleylilly

Welcome to #MonogramHQ! We're so glad you're here. We get new monogram lovers in our corner of the internet all the time, so we thought now would be a good opportunity to share a little about what makes Marleylilly what it is today!

Here are 10 Facts You May Not Know About Marleylilly:

1. Marleylilly was started over 10 years ago.

Gold sewing machine that started Marleylilly

The whirlwind Marleylilly story began one summer in 2010 when our founder had over a dozen weddings to attend. Unfortunately, the gift prices from the registries were out of control — particularly for a recent college graduate on a limited budget! Armed with a modest monogram machine that she bought on eBay and a lifetime of thriftiness and craftiness under her belt, she went about making one-of-a-kind monogrammed gifts for friends, family, and loved ones from her home.

2. We got our name from two adorable pups!

Framed photos of Marley and Lilly dogs

Marleylilly was named after our founders’ precious Jack Russell dogs, Marley and Lilly. Each of the pups have since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, but their “legacy” lives on in each and every monogram we create. πŸ˜‰πŸΆπŸ’™πŸ’—

3. Our one and only facility is located in Greenville County, South Carolina.

Timeline of photos on wall in Marleylilly

The demand for affordable monogrammed gifts, clothing, and everyday essentials quickly necessitated several moves — from the first house, to the basement of a second house, to even more expansive facilities. The newest Marleylilly “home” started with a 70,000 square foot custom South Carolina facility, which was later expanded and has grown to 154,000 square feet. All items on our site are personalized and assembled here in Greenville, South Carolina by our team of over 100 employees. Anything advertised is in stock at our warehouse and shipped with the fastest turnaround time possible based on the season.

4. We have our own Marleylilly-brand products.

Technical designer measuring a garmet

In 2016, we expanded our team in order to create our own Marleylilly-brand products — instead of relying on third-party manufacturers. When you purchase from Marleylilly, you will receive quality, custom-designed products created with YOU in mind. Each Marleylilly product has been designed and developed by our in-house technical design and product development departments and has been extensively tested by our staff to ensure consistent quality, comfort and fit. We want to create awesomely unique and classic yet fashion-forward items that appeal to individuals of all ages.

5. Our team utilizes robots to help with order fulfillment.

Marleylilly robot working with Locus Robot for order fulfillment

Locus Robotics has allowed us to process our customers’ orders faster and more efficiently. The processing time for your custom monogrammed item is surprisingly short at Marleylilly — between three and five days, depending on the time of year. We implemented our robotic fulfillment system to help save our production associates' foot traffic time. Beforehand, our associates were having to walk up and down the aisles to manually fulfill an order. The robots in no way replace human jobs - in fact, they work with our production associates to help make their jobs more efficient and effective so we can get your orders out sooner!

6. We are now offering payment through all major credit cards as well as PayPal, Venmo, and AfterPay!

PayPal, Venmo, and AfterPay Logos on Pink Background

After many requests from customers, we worked with our web development team to add PayPal, Venmo, and AfterPay as payment options on our website. Our goal in adding these options is to be convenient, inclusive, and up-to-date with each and every customer or potential customer. We want our customers to be able to shop in the ways they are used to.

7. We have our own line of kid's clothing, shoes, and accessories called Marleylilly Kids.

Marleylilly kids clothing and accessories flatlay

What's better than monograms? Monograms on precious kiddos! 😍 As our founder started getting fewer and fewer wedding invites and more and more baby shower invites, she had the idea to create monograms for your mini! Marleylilly Kids was launched in August 2018 and offers clothing, shoes, and more in baby, toddler, and youth sizes. We have tons of mommy and me options available and new styles launch each fall and spring.

8. We sell our monogrammed bloopers at discounted prices.

photo of man with tons of blooper items

We all make mistakes, right? Did you know that you can get up to 70% off all of your favorite monogrammed goodies? Yeah, you heard us right! Through our Bloopers website, you can search both pre-personalized and blank non-personalized products for massive monogram deals! We are only human and sometimes we make mistakes! Bloopers are products that were personalized incorrectly by our staff! Sometimes these items can have the wrong thread color, monogram size, or initials and in some cases, there is a small flaw (like a zipper not working). Bloopers can also include blank products that were likely samples we used during product development or came with manufacturing defects such as a minor stain, scratch, or hole.  We have some very crafty customers that are even able to remove the monogram or add an appliquΓ© to hide it!

9. We offer a line of NCAA officially licensed collegiate gear for over 20 schools.

Girls on tailgate with pom poms wearing Marleylilly collegiate pullovers

In order to expand our product offering, we began the licensing process for NCAA in 2019. By the start of football season that year, we'd fully launched our Marleylilly Collegiate collection with 11 schools. Now, we offer Marleylilly collegiate clothing, shoes, and accessories for over 20 schools with more in the process of approval! We're so excited to be able to offer the products you know and love with the official embroidered logos of the schools that you cheer for! The approval process for the NCAA licensing is extensive and takes time, so please know that we are working diligently and consistently to get all of your favorite schools approved! Stay tuned!

10. Marleylilly is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 13623 reviews.

screenshot of reviews section from Marleylilly.com

In March of 2020, we launched our review platform in order to give our customers peace of mind when shopping by seeing honest opinions from other customers! We're so thankful to have received almost 14,000 reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5! Each product on our website features a review section where customers can view photos and search comments about sizing, quality, materials, and appearance. We hope that the addition of our reviews system will give current and future customers helpful info for making purchasing decisions.


Fabulous and uplifting things are happening here at Marleylilly, where we thrive on encouragement, faith, and self-initiative in our daily work environment. We also are excited about establishing and maintaining our relationship with current and future Marleylilly customers; we are passionate about our commitment to provide monogrammed items at affordable, accessible prices. We hope that our passion for personalized gifts, personalized clothing, custom shoes and footwear, monogrammed necklaces and jewelry, monogrammed bags, and monogrammed accessories shows in each and every Marleylilly item. Thank you for reading about Marleylilly!

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