7 Back To School Monograms You Need This Fall

by - Tuesday, July 20, 2021

7 Back to School Monograms You Need

Even though it's only July, we'd be lying if we said school wasn't already on our minds! With the option of returning to learning in person, many of us are excited to head back in style. Check out our ultimate back-to-school monograms for every age. 

For the monogram-lover going back to college this fall, there are a few must-haves. The first is a weekender that you can carry all of your favorite outfits back and forth for any semester break. The second is one of our fan-favorites, Monogrammed Duck Boots! They are perfect for rainy and cold weather. If you have school pride - check out our Collegiate section and see if we've got your university! Our laptops can be our lifeline in college - so we included our Monogrammed Laptop Bag on the list. For the person who is prone to losing their keys, our Monogrammed Beaded Key Ring bracelet is a great option to keep them always on you! For those who want to drink more water, our Monogrammed Motivational Water Bottle is perfect for helping your hydration stay on track. Lastly, we've included our Monogrammed Long Sleeve shirt. Style this top with leggings or jeans in the fall, and carry it into spring and summer with shorts - this is THE throw-on-and-go top you'll want in every color. 
Back to School Monograms for the College Student

Every high schooler needs a cozy sweatshirt (those classrooms are always freezing after all, right?) so we chose our Monogrammed Corded Sweatshirt. Easy to throw on, and so soft! Next on our list for essentials is our Monogrammed Breakaway Lanyard. It's perfect for keeping your keys, school ID, or anything else handy. Our Monogrammed Lightweight Rain Jacket is perfect to keep in your car in case it starts to drizzle - so you can stay stylish and dry! Next, we have our Monogrammed Leopard Tote Bag - this best-selling bag holds all of your everyday items. Our Monogrammed Phone Ring is perfect to pop on the back of your phone so you can have the best grip while using your cell. When you get home from school, we can't imagine a more cozy way to work on homework while snuggled up in our Monogrammed Fuzzy Slippers! Lastly, we picked a Monogrammed Mini Cosmetic Case since it's the perfect size to pop in a backpack or purse to hold lip balm, gum, or any other small items. 
Back to School Monograms for the High Schooler

For your littlest student, we've rounded up some of our favorite mini monograms so they can head back to school in style. Our first is our Monogrammed Kids Pullover Sweatshirt! This piece can be worn year-round, and its super-soft fabric is perfect to stay cozy this fall. The second item is a Monogrammed Hair Bow! With multiple colors to choose from, it's an easy way to add personalization to any school outfit. We're excited to announce we recently launched our Monogrammed Kids Basic Backback! With five different colors, these are perfect to hold your little one's notebooks and school supplies. Next on the list, we've got our Monogrammed Youth Watercolor Duffel Bag - this is ideal if your mini has any after-school activities that need a change of clothes! The fifth must-have for your student is one of our Monogrammed Youth Duck Boots. These are perfect for rainy and cold weather! We've also included a pair of Monogrammed Youth Tie Dye Sneakers. If your kid wants to hit the playground in style, this is the perfect way to show off their monogram! Lastly, we've included our Monogrammed Kids Long Sleeve Shirts. They come in so many colors, and they are the ultimate comfy school top!

Back to School Monograms for your Mini

Let us know in the comments what essentials you're eyeing for back to school!

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