How to Properly Clean and Store Your Monogrammed Sweaters

by - Friday, July 30, 2021

Ever wonder how to properly clean and store your monogrammed sweaters?  Well look no further!  In this blog post we are going to go through some easy cleaning methods and follow up with expert storage tips.  Grab your monogrammed sweaters and get ready, this is going to be the easiest cleaning job ever!

What You Need

Before you get started you'll need a couple of things to make cleaning a breeze.  Grab some wool and cashmere shampoo cleaner along with a sweater comb and lint pillow remover.  

How To Clean

Washing your monogrammed sweaters is super simple. It won't take long and it doesn't need too. When washing sweaters remember to take care. Don't just throw your sweaters in the washing machine.  Even though the tag might say it's okay it's better to hand wash in cold water.  Wash in either in a sink or a large bowl.  Natural fibers like cashmere need extra care.  If you do put your sweater in the washing machine be sure to use a gentle cycle.  Use cold to lukewarm water and fully submerge the sweater.  Add a no rinse detergent like "Soak" or "Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash".   

After washing, drain the water, and with the sweater still in the sink use your hands to press the water out.  Do not push to hard and never "wring" the sweater.  Wringing may damage the sweaters fibers which over time can stretch and fray.  After the water is mostly out reshape the sweater and lay on a rack to air dry.  Don't hang a wet sweater as that could cause the sweater to stretch. If the sweater is still holding water you can lay on a dry towel roll it up to soak up more excess water.  

How to Store

So your monogrammed sweater is dried out and it is almost ready for storage.  If your sweater has lint use the lint roller or small scissors to gently remove any fuzzies.   If you had a stain repeat wash steps and check to see if stain has disappeared.  Storing a sweater with even a small stain will set and will be impossible to get out later.  When storing stay away from moth ball as they are toxic and smell.  Try a lavender or cedar alternative. Natural Fiber sweaters need to breath so store in a linen or cotton bag.  Only use a plastic bin if your house is prone to moisture. 

Thats it!  Super easy to do and this will insure that all of your monogrammed sweaters last a long time.  Please share any tips you do when you wash your sweaters in the comments below.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next blog entry.

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