7 Best Ways to Store Your Bags

by - Monday, February 14, 2022


7 Best Ways to Store Your Bags by Marleylilly

Whoever said diamonds were a girl's best friend, in our opinion, never had a good bag. Here at #MonogramHQ, we are HUGE on them! If you're someone who has just one bag, or multiple - storing them properly is a must to preserve the condition of the item and have them be by your side for the long haul! Read on below for our best storage tips.

1. Baskets
Closet baskets are a must-have to keep organized! If you're a fan of smaller purses or totes, we recommend standing them upright and lining them up in a basket to fit neatly on one of your closet or cubby shelves. Places like target.com have a huge variety of options so you can find something that suits your closet aesthetic!

2. Fill them Up
If you have bags with less structure, such as a canvas bag or the trending neoprene style bag - there are a couple ways to store these to keep their shape! The first is placing other smaller bags inside, that way you're minimizing the space needed in your closet, and it helps fill the bag out! A second option is buying some inexpensive tissue paper to stuff the bag. 

3. Hooks
Short on closet space? No problem! Hooks are a perfect alternative to hold your bags and keep them off the ground! Be mindful though - don't leave anything heavy in your purse if you plan on storing it on a hook for more than a few days at a time - this can cause the straps to weaken. Ideally smaller bags, like our neoprene or stadium crossbody, would be stored on hooks for longer durations of time since they hold fewer items.

4. Dust Bags
  If you have a bag that's made of genuine leather - having a dust bag for it is a must when you aren't using it! It acts as an additional layer of protection to resist sun damage and dust. Don't have a dust bag? A simple white pillowcase is a great swap in a pinch! 

5. Front and Center
If you have handbags that are special to you, why not display them out where others can see them? Bookshelves and cubbies are a great choice for this! We would recommend not positioning them in a way that has them facing direct sunlight, as this could cause the colors to fade over time. IKEA has great shelving units that can make for the perfect display area.

6. Bins
If you're someone who doesn't mind their bags being a bit visible while stored, clear bins or bins with an open-top are a great idea to hold your bags while keeping them upright and secure. The Container Store has a lot of options based on your design preferences. 

7. Storage for Soft-Sided Bags
If you have canvas material tote bags, reusable grocery tote bags, or other bags that are easily foldable that won't damage the item, you can fold them to save big on space! The konmari.com website has ways to fold everything to save on space, including your bags! They also sell storage bins. 

Now that you know some of the best ways to store your bags, which organizational tip will you use? Share in the comments below! 

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