How to Pack a Travel Bag: Fundamental Tips

by - Friday, February 11, 2022

How to Pack a Travel Bag: Fundamental Tips

Finally! You've booked yourself a vacation! Before you take off for your adventure, you'll have to pack everything you need (no overpacking!). Luckily, Marleylilly is here to help you pack for your travels no matter how long the trip is.

Monogrammed Chambray Weekender & Vintage Carry-On Suitcase
Monogrammed Chambray Weekender & Monogrammed Vintage Carry-On Suitcase

1. Pick your bag

Before you can do anything else, pick a bag! Choose your bag based on the type of travel you're booked for and the length of your trip. Use a weekender for a short trip; if you're flying, consider travel restrictions on bag sizes before you decide on a suitcase or carry-on. Check out the rest of our monogrammed travel bags to decide what fits your trip the best! 

Monogrammed Travel Shoe Bag & Packing Bag Set
Monogrammed Travel Shoe Bag & Monogrammed Packing Bag Set

2. Condense your clothes

How you organize your clothes is so important when filling up your bag. Using Monogrammed Packing Bag Sets is a great way to keep everything organized and separated. Packing bags also keep your shoes off of your clean clothes and give you the option to separate different items for easy unpacking. If that's not your style you can also opt for a Monogrammed Travel Shoe Bag. Lastly, be mindful of what you're packing, we've all found ourselves packing twice the amount of clothes than we needed! Here are a few good rules for packing to help with overpacking: pack versatile shoes that will work for all of your activities, pack essential clothes and less "just in case" clothes, and pack clothes that fall within neutral color palettes so that you can maximize your outfits!

Monogrammed Clear Train Case & Ditty Bag
Monogrammed Clear Train Case & Monogrammed Clear Ditty Bag

3. Add in accessories and toiletries 

You'll definitely need accessories and toiletries when traveling, and the best thing to do is keep them in designated bags to prevent any spillage and to make things easier to find! Keep your jewelry in a Confetti Travel Case or Monogrammed Classic Jewelry Folio so that everything stays together and nothing ends up lost, floating around in your bag. If you're traveling somewhere that makes it difficult to fully unpack, try our clear cosmetic case, ditty bag, or train case to make finding what you need easier. Or, choose from many other cosmetic and toiletry bags to keep everything in one place!

Monogrammed Basic Tote Bag
Monogrammed Basic Tote Bag

4. Pack an essential bag

No matter how you are traveling, you're going to need to keep your essentials close by. The best way to do this is by packing a carry-on or tote bag, like our Monogrammed Basic Tote Bag. This way, your items are secure but within reach! Items like passports, IDs, money, keys, and snacks should be top priorities in your bag. Consider also packing a change of clothes and some essential accessories in case of emergency or for a refreshing outfit change when you've landed! 


Hopefully, packing feels a little less daunting after reading these tips! Let us know in the comments below what your next travel destination is!

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