How to Care for Your Garments: 5 Tips and Tricks

by - Friday, November 04, 2022

How to Care for Your Garments

It's that time of year when we're constantly reaching for our outerwear. With the cold weather still around for the next few months, it seems as if sweaters, long sleeves, and leggings are filling up our laundry rooms. If there's one thing we love, it's a good life hack, so we have rounded up our best tips and tricks for caring for your favorite monogrammed sweaters and pullovers.

Leopard Sherpa Jacket Material

1. Turn the Garment Inside Out

This step is vital when washing any fleecesherpaacrylic sweater, or soft sweater material. It ensures the textures don't wear against the hardware of the machinery and will keep your garments feeling new and unworn. 
2. Pair With Like Colors

One of the top questions we get is how to wash a sweater or fleece - Whatever the material or blend of the fabric, the best way to ensure your garment keeps its true coloration is by washing it with like-colored garments with mild laundry detergent. You can practically hear your mom's voice... it only takes one red sock to ruin a whole load of laundry! Pairing with like colors can also help you organize your laundry load, which will save you time in the long run!

Sweaters and Ponchos

3. Turn On Cold Water

Washing your garments with cold water serves two purposes - it holds the colors of your garment in and it minimizes shrinking. For any garment, pre-shrunk or not, cold water ensures the textures don't wear against the hardware of the machinery and will keep your garments feeling new and unworn. 

Monogrammed Button Down Tunic

4. Wash Items On a Gentle Cycle

Paying attention to your machinery's washing cycles will keep your clothes in their best possible shape and fit. Always try to wash your outerwear on a gentle cycle to prevent unnecessary wearing and tearing. 

Monogrammed Cardigans

5. Hang to Dry Garments

For obvious reasons, hanging your garments to dry will prevent them from shrinking, which will lead to a long lifespan. It can also save you time in the long run by preventing wrinkles!


What are your go-to tips and tricks for caring for outerwear? Let us know in the comments below!

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  2. Clothes are our necessary things in our daily life. So we must take care of it. There is some good hacks for our clothes.

    1)Do not squeeze tightly any clothes specially cotton clothes,your clothes will not get more lap and look like new for many days.

    2)Do not put clothes on direct sunlight,its colour will remain same for many days.

    3)If clothes are smelling bad then keep it on sunlight for sometime(not on direct sunlight). Smell will go away.

    4)Your socks are smelling very bad? Don't worry. Take some Bay leaf or clove and keep it in your socks for over the time when you are not wearing it.The odour will vanish. And if possible then use 2 pairs of socks and wash 1 pair daily. And before wear sock spread powder on your feet.

    Best regards, Lillie from website =)