Space-Saving Suitcase Packing Techniques

by - Monday, November 07, 2022

Space-Saving Suitcase Packing Techniques

We all can agree traveling is an exciting experience regardless of the destination. Packing for your trip, however? Not so much. 

Whether you're traveling for a week or more or only a few days, the following are some of the best packing tips to ensure your clothes stay wrinkle-free while leaving room for a couple of souvenirs. 

Five Travel Packing Techniques

Packing may seem simple, but knowing how to save space when traveling is a careful science. With a few strategies, you can streamline your vacation by ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. Some of the best ways to pack a suitcase include:

1. Choose the Right Suitcase

No matter which techniques you use to pack your bag, if you choose the wrong size or material, it may lead to future headaches down the road. Many travelers prefer hard cases, as they are easier to pack and allow you to add options such as packing cubes. The hard outer shell will also protect against the weather or wear and tear as airport workers handle your luggage.

If you are still undecided between a backpack and a suitcase, it is also wise to consider your specific travel circumstances. Travelers planning to move on surfaces such as pavement will be more successful with a suitcase, while travelers moving on areas such as cobblestone paths may want to use a backpack.

At Marleylilly, we offer suitcases and backpacks to suit your traveling needs. Our monogrammed suitcases come in carry-on and full-size options, so you can easily fit everything you need. We also offer monogrammed backpacks that work as a carry-on or as your primary luggage during your trip.

2. Roll, Fold and Bundle

The best way to maximize space is to use different folding methods depending on the clothing you pack. The rolling technique is ideal for thinner items like t-shirts and underwear, as they can easily fit into nooks and crannies. Jackets, sweaters and other bulky garments work best with a folding method, as it permits you to compress the fabric to make more room in your suitcase.

If you are looking for a way to save space while reducing the wrinkles on your clothes, you may want to use the bundle wrapping method. To use the bundle method, lay your clothes flat on a surface, pile them on top of one another and wrap them around a core item such as a packing cube.

3. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to bring more clothes without taking up more space. Since packing cubes often have a zipper, you can fill up the cubes to the brim without fear of them spilling throughout your suitcase. You can also stack your packing cubes, allowing you to find and fill unused spaces.

If you're looking for a way to make your packing cubes more exciting, Marleylilly offers a Monogrammed Packing Bag Set. Our six-piece set features unique prints and the option to add a monogram for a fun way to stay organized on the go.

4. Keep Liquids Within Easy Reach

Whether you are flying or taking a road trip, it's best to separate any liquids and toiletries from the rest of your clothing and store them in clear plastic. Separating them prevents the risk of spilling, and the clear plastic lets security view what's in your bag. For a stylish and fun way to store your toiletries without taking up too much space, Marleylilly has you covered with our Monogrammed Clear Train Cases.

Another way to improve the packing process is to create a toiletry kit specifically for traveling. Having a set of toiletries always packed ensures you don't forget essentials such as toothpaste or a hairbrush in the pre-vacation shuffle. Our Monogrammed Packable Cosmetic Bags are a perfect non-bulky option for all your packing needs.

5. Fill Unused Spaces

Even when you are not using a space-saving method, you may still find there is extra space in your bag. For example, you can fill your sneakers with socks or small items like belts or extra phone chargers. Bras also have room under the cups, which is ideal for storing socks and underwear. As an additional benefit, placing items under the cups can help your bra retain its shape during traveling.

When you're almost finished packing, check every nook and cranny of your suitcase to see if you have any extra space. Your rolled clothes can sometimes have small gaps, which you can fill with smaller items such as accessories or makeup.

Marleylilly Packing Bag Set

Pack in Style With Marleylilly

While packing may not be your favorite activity, you can make it more fun with Marleylilly's personalized travel bags and sets. Shop our selection of luggage and travel bags to find a personalized option to showcase your style while fitting everything you need for a great vacation.

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