What Exactly Is Neoprene Fabric?

by - Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Neoprene Gym Bag

If you've ever worn or seen a wetsuit, it was most likely made of neoprene — but what exactly is this material? Neoprene has a wide variety of uses and is a popular choice for clothing, bags, and more. Keep reading to learn more about neoprene and make sure to shop Marleylilly's neoprene collections!

Neoprene Cosmetic Bag

What Is Neoprene Made Of?

Neoprene fabric, or polychloroprene, is a synthetic rubber resistant to oil, water, and heat, making it an ideal insulator. When the fabric is in liquid form, a facility can combine different additives into the solution to increase or decrease the levels of elasticity present depending on the intended use. 

The fabric must undergo a baking process to become a solid and is then sliced, similar to bread. How thick the slice is will determine how waterproof and insulated the fabric will become. The pieces will then arrive at a manufacturing facility and become clothing and other objects.

Neoprene was invented in 1930 by scientists at a company called DuPont. The creation of neoprene resulted from chemists trying to find a solution to the rubber shortage after World War I. The material neoprene was initially given the name duprene and was vital in creating telephone wire, gaskets, insulation and car engine hoses. 

By World War II, duprene became neoprene and was solely for military use. However, after the war, neoprene was more available and became the widely used material it is today.

Benefits of Neoprene

Neoprene has a soft and spongy texture that is very breathable, making it a versatile fabric for clothing and protective items. Many people use neoprene because it is inexpensive to produce and resistant to moths, molds, and many everyday chemicals. Some of the many applications of neoprene include:

Wetsuits: Neoprene is waterproof, quick drying, and can mold to your body shape to avoid any wardrobe issues while in the water.

Gloves: Since neoprene is a flexible material, many manufacturers use it to make work and surgical gloves so wearers can move their fingers without feeling constricted.

Fishing and rain boots: The waterproof durability of neoprene makes it an excellent option for fishing and rain boots and allows you to wear them in wet conditions all day without getting your feet wet.

Coats: Neoprene is a warm material, making it a perfect coat option for workers on boats and ships who spend long hours in wind, rain, and snow.

Lunch bags: A neoprene lunch bag helps to keep the food inside cold without causing the interior or exterior to become damp throughout the day.

Coozies: Similar to lunch bags, using neoprene in coozies makes it easy to keep drinks cold.

Hand weights: Many manufacturers use neoprene when making their exercise equipment as it is easy to hold and does not become slippery with sweat.

Phone and laptop cases: Neoprene is a highly protective material that can protect phones or laptops from minor drops and elements such as rain and snow.

Mousepads: A neoprene mouse pad is easy to clean and water resistant, making it a durable accessory for any office.

Speaker cones: Many speakers use neoprene in the cone system to produce sound.

Face masks: Using neoprene for face masks allows for added protection as it can block water droplets that may carry various viruses.

Leg and arm braces: Neoprene arm and leg braces can compress the joints to relieve common ailments such as runner's knee.

Seat covers: Investing in neoprene seat covers will protect your car's interior from sun damage or mildew, and they are easy to clean, making them an ideal option if you frequently drive with children or pets in your car.

Fan belts and hoses: Fitting your car with neoprene fan belts and hoses allows for a quieter operation and you will find neoprene at the bottom of your car windows, which allows you to roll them up and down with ease.

Gaskets: Fields like plumbing, construction, and other manual labor often use neoprene gaskets to absorb shocks and vibrations.

Items to Get in Neoprene Material

The flexibility of neoprene makes it an ideal material for everyday items like totes and laptop cases. Some of the top six pieces to get in neoprene material include:

1. Weekender Bags

If you're constantly on the go, you need a bag that can keep up. By purchasing a neoprene weekender bag you'll have a lightweight and durable way to transport clothes, shoes, makeup, and everything else you need on your trips. Neoprene is also a waterproof material, so you can rest easy that your materials will be safe throughout your travels.

2. Cosmetic Cases

Keep your makeup, brushes, and accessories organized and secure with a neoprene cosmetic case. The flexible neoprene material allows you to easily pack unwieldy items like creams and other makeup tubes. If you spill any of your makeup, there is no need to worry as neoprene is an easily cleanable material making it perfect for all of your makeup needs.

3. Backpacks

Whether you need something lightweight and durable to carry your books for school, clothing for sports, or your essentials while you travel, you can't go wrong with a neoprene backpack. These washable backpacks will protect the items inside from wind and rain as well as sweat as you carry them on your back throughout the day.

4. Laptop Cases

Neoprene laptop cases offer superior protection against drops, spills, and other damage, making it an ideal solution for carrying your laptop and accessories such as a keyboard and mouse. The sleek lines of the neoprene material also provide a professional feel so you can use your laptop case in personal and professional settings.

5. Wristlets

Since your wristlet will be in your hand or used as additional storage in various bags, choosing a durable material that protects against daily wear and tear, dirt and spills is essential. Luckily, neoprene wristlets protect against the elements and easily fit into totes, weekenders, and crossbody bags. 

6. Tote Bag

When you plan a day at the beach, one of your primary concerns may be finding a bag that will easily hold your items when they are dry and wet. With a neoprene tote bag, you can carry dry and wet materials without the entire bag becoming damp. To make this bag even better, you can hose the bag down after your day at the beach to easily remove sand and other dirt.

Shop Marleylilly's Neoprene Collections

Whether you need something durable, waterproof, or a combination of the two, neoprene is the perfect material. At Marleylilly, we offer a wide selection of monogrammed neoprene items you can use daily. Shop our selection today to find and personalize the ideal neoprene item for you or a friend!

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