Back To School Essentials

by - Monday, July 13, 2015

Collage of White Background of School Supplies Items
Let's face it, nobody likes the idea of having to go back to school. However, this list of items are sure to perk you up as you head off the beach and into the classroom!

White Background Photo of Chevron Clipboard with KBM Initials
White Background Photo inside of Chevron Clipboard

This Monogrammed Clipboard Portfolio adds the perfect amount of color and fun to your desk! (Available at for $24.99)
White Background Image of Gold Keychain With Pink Tassel
Never misplace your keys again! This Monogrammed Tassel Key Chain from is a must-have for your organization needs! (Good news: it comes in 18 colors)
White Background of Monogrammed Boat Tote in Navy

This sturdy and stylish monogrammed bag is the only way you should be toting around your school supplies in! (Available at for $26.99)

White Background Image of Stainless Steel Cup with Pink Lid and InitialsWhite Background of Clear Tumbler with Blue Lid

Whether you're a "gotta-have-my-coffee" or "can't-live-without-my-juice" kinda person, has the perfect monogrammed cup for you! Choose from travel mugs and tumblers starting at $16.99!
We can't emphasize enough how important a monogrammed hat is for any preppy college girl! They're perfect for hitting the gym, bummin' it to class, or hiding those bad hair days. (Available at for $24.99)
White Background of Ipad Cover with Initials
Show off your stylish ways with a personalized device case! Not only does this case add some much needed color to your device, it also protects it from those accidents waiting to happen. (Available at for $34.99)

White Background Image of Brown Luxe Clutch with InitialsWhite Background Image of Embroidered Sandals

Last, but certainly not least, add some prep to your school look with these fabulous accessories from! Complete any style with a monogrammed clutch and monogrammed sandals for that perfect everyday look! (Clutches available for $36.99 and sandals available for $44.99)

While we can't help you get out of going to class, we can help you look and feel your absolute best while you're there! Head over to for all your personalized needs, and make sure to check out sister boutique to stock up on affordable fashion clothing!

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