Concert Culture - How to Go to a Concert in Style

by - Monday, July 27, 2015

If you don't like music, this might be the one to skip. If you do like music and LOVE going to concerts, then pay attention! Going to a concert to see your favorite band or singer is always a great time. Concerts may be loud and even dark sometimes, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't look your best. Besides, if you don't take a picture at the concert, did you really even go?

Here are some tips to look good at every concert occasion:

1. Dress for the Genre

You'll see above that we've made two separate kinds of outfits for separate kinds of concerts. The one on the left is representative of metal, rock, alternative, and maybe some pop concerts, while the right is more country, soft rock, folk, or oldies. Have your own unique clothes, but make sure you don't stick out too much. The focus is on the music, and wearing something too crazy might take away from the good time you're supposed to be having.

2. Wear a Light Shirt

Many times we've stepped into a dark and crowded room and left drenched because we wanted to wear that cute button down shirt, or even something flannel. It's a killer experience being jammed into a room with 1000 of your closest fan friends but that will quickly go away once you start to feel the body heat creep up on you. Wearing a light T-Shirt will help with that tremendously. The T-Shirt on the left was found HERE on Etsy, among many other Taylor Swift-like shirts. If you don't like Taylor Swift, or are looking for some other more generic Graphic Tees, Urban Outfitters has a great collection as well if you're going for that alternative look. 

For the tank on the right, it was found HERE. You don't have to get it monogrammed, but if you're going to a place where it's more casual or even outside, a monogrammed tank can help set you apart and still be something awesome to wear. If you don't like it monogrammed, a white tank isn't hard to find.


By that we mean, don't wear pants. Wear shorts instead. Unless you're at an outdoor concert in the middle of winter, avoid jeans or any other sort of leg-trapping clothing. Remember what we said about body heat? Even if you're at an outdoor venue with your own seat, chances are you'll get hot. People will be moving and grooving around you and the last thing you want is to be drenched before the headliner comes out. They're tough and can handle wear and tear if you like going to more hardcore concerts.

For the look on the right, we chose these shorts from Monday Dress Boutique. They're high-waisted with a nice pattern that's great for any outdoor venue or even anything where you just want to look a little more classy. Perfect for any low country outing.

4. Use Accessories Wisely

This all depends on your personal tastes of course. The bracelets and necklaces above are only suggestions. However, you want to look good while you're at a concert, so be mindful that some extra bling could help you get the desired look. For the left outfit we chose THIS necklace and bracelet to accent the black/white theme going on. This complements the themed look and can make the outfit a little less grungy. If it's grunge you're going for, we would suggest Hot Topic jewelry, which can be found HERE.

5. Shoes May Vary

We've provided multiple options as far as shoes go. For the outfit on the left, the alternative look isn't complete without a pair of Converse, found HERE. You don't have to go with the high tops but my personal opinion is that they look better with the shorter shorts. Also, you can substitute the Converse out for a pair of Vans, found HERE, and get a very similar look. Those Vans are floral, but they offer plain black ones as well. 

For the look on the left, we gave two options that once again vary depending on the type of concert you're attending. The sandals are great for almost any venue. They're comfortable and they don't keep your feet constrained which is probably better if you're going to listen to music in the heat. Keep in mind that the sandals could even work well with the outfit on the left, when worn in the right circumstances. If you're going to a crazy concert, especially one indoors, you might want to avoid people stepping on your feet.  

The boots should really only be worn if you're going to a country concert or something with lots of southern appeal. Cowboy boots are really only a good idea a small fraction of the time, as they can get a little big and clunky. The pair we found were listed HERE. We chose Zappos as they're a very reliable company and they also have a lot of variety, in case those specific boots aren't your style. 


We get it. You want to bring a purse everywhere. A small purse *might* be okay, but most of the time, you want to avoid bringing a bag to a concert if you can. What you really need is a photo ID, some cash, and your cell phone. That's it. If for some reason you don't have adequate pocket space or your friend decides they don't want to carry it for you, then fine, grab a small bag that can go over the shoulder and stay with you ALWAYS. The worst thing ever would be leaving your valuables in a purse on the floor of a crowded room. You'll never see it again.

If for some reason you do want to add a bag, just follow the color trends. Brown or Navy for the outfit on the right, Black or White for the outfit on the left.

7. Closed Toed Shoes NEED Socks

Don't make this mistake. You think your Converse look cooler without socks. Remember, you're looking good because it makes YOU feel good and because there's an opportunity for pictures. When you stop letting yourself be comfortable, especially for a concert, that's a problem. Make sure you wear socks no matter what if you plan to wear closed toed shoes. The blisters aren't worth it.

8. Shades are a Maybe

Depending on the venue (definitely not an inside one), you may or may not need sunglasses. For a music festival where you're outside all day, you should probably wear some. You should also pack sunscreen and snacks (if you're allowed) but make sure that you keep the sun out of your eyes with some sunglasses, found HERE.

We once again chose the monogram for this item because it's an identifier of you. If you drop them and then somehow manage to find them, you'll know they're yours just by the three little monogrammed letters. If for some reason someone else can find them, you have a way to prove they're yours. Plus, the monogram is super classy and it looks great.

Also, we placed the black sunglasses on both outfits above, but feel free to choose a brownish pair for the outfit on the right. It'll probably go better anyway.

9. Have FUN!

Make sure you're having fun the whole time. The concert isn't about the outfit (it's just a part of it). If something makes you uncomfortable, change into something better suited to jam out! There are certain situations that call for "Pain is Beauty" but a concert is not one of them, especially if it's a dark, inside venue. You want to look great, but make sure your fun time isn't being ruined by it.

If you're going to an outdoor, more social venue, the outfit on the right is probably more suited for you. Make sure you aren't wearing anything too heavy and wear the boots only if you know you can handle them. However, the sandals are definitely a great alternative. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the tunes! We hope we helped you pick out some concert clothes and have fun while you were doing it.

What are your must have items for a concert attire? 

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