Monogramming For Men - A Gift Guide for Her

by - Monday, July 27, 2015

Monogramming From a Man's Perspective
A Gift Guide for Her

As men, we have long been criticized for our lack of knowledge on clothing, fashion trends, or even the occasional inability to dress ourselves correctly. Well, in recent years this lack of awareness has started to change. Men are not only becoming more fashionably conscious but are beginning to appreciate the choices women make as well. In 2015, every man should be able to dress well, give thoughtful compliments to his significant other, and always answer “NO” to “Does this make me look fat?” But what we should also be able to do is grab the perfect gift for a woman for any occasion. Make her tastes YOUR tastes and vice versa. 

You want to make sure that every gift you get her is unique; something she'll remember. The best way today to make a unique purchase is to buy something monogrammed. Almost everything can be monogrammed and putting your "special lady’s" initials on her gift will make it even more meaningful.

So, with that in mind, here are 10 great monogrammed items for any gift giving occasion:

If you’re a baseball fan, grab this monogrammed hat for any ballpark outing. If not, get it because it looks great! Not only will it be a nice gift, but it will be something fun for her to wear if you decide to watch a game together or even if she just wants to look a little sporty. With embroidered stitching on the top, it won’t only be personalized for her, but it will bring up great memories every time she wears it.

Sunglasses are a great gift for anytime of the year. Whether you’re headed to the beach or just on a road trip, they’re even great as a wintertime present! (Remember, snow gets pretty bright). With this pair, you can get her initials monogrammed on one side or both. Not only do they look great, but a pair of sunglasses is a gift she can put to use all the time.

Whether it’s for the beach, the pool, or an actual derby, this hat would not only go great with the sunglasses, but is a stylish gift as well. It’s available in multiple colors (remember her favorite) and can pair up well with a swimsuit and protect her from the sun at the same time! If you want, you can pair this gift with a horse bracelet from Back In The Saddle.

4. "Let’s Be Flamigos" Watercolor Shirt

Watercolored, hilarious, and overall just a huge amount of fun for one T-Shirt. This can be a casual gift and the cross between "flamingo" and "amigo" is a pretty clever joke. The monogram goes on the front of the shirt. A casual T-Shirt may not be a diamond necklace, but it's the thought (and the awesome pun) that counts. If your girl is a stuffed animal fan, you can pair this up with a Stuffed Flamingo. Save yourself from the carnival games and grab one online!

Yes, what makes these different is not just the fact that they're monogrammed, but the patterns that come along with them. This specific pair comes in three different patterns and can add some flair to a workout or just be an awesome pair of shorts to wear around for a casual day. If she ever wants to go running with you, they're perfect! It's a great gift to show to her that she doesn't need to be dolled up all the time. (If she doesn't know that already...) If you're looking for running shoes to go with the shorts, TriSports does them the best and you can find the perfect pair HERE.

6. Pattern Beverage Flask

Why a flask? Well, for beverages. A flask is an item that every man over 21 should own. It's a staple item, so to speak. So, to pair up with your flask, get your wife or girlfriend a monogrammed one just for her. The pattern turns a very masculine item into a feminine item she'll love. If she isn't into the patterns, then a blank Stainless Steel version is available HERE.

This item might be suited for the more protective man out there, but is a great gift regardless of who you are. This is a very trendy swimsuit cover-up that both looks great and makes sure she's covered up with something other than a wet towel. The monogram is laid across the front and the cover up is a great choice for a beach or pool day. It even goes great with the derby hat listed above!

8. Long Anchor Necklace

To be honest, I've never met a woman who doesn't like jewelry. Whether you're sea obsessed or she just loves anchors, this necklace is a great piece that's not too flashy. It can go with a tank top or fancy attire but a personalized necklace is never a bad idea. If for some reason you're anchor obsessed, deck out your living room with some anchor and nautical themed pieces from Wayfair.

9. 16 Oz Double Wall Acryllic Cup

A cup is always a great present. To be honest, anything to do with food or drink (as long as it's not too obscure) is a great present. Like anything monogrammed, this cup is personalized just for her and she'll remember your thoughtfulness every time she fills it up. This cup is double walled so it's protected from condensation and can regulate the temperature of a drink way better than a normal cup. In addition, the straw and the screw on lid that come with it minimize spills in case of an accident. It's great for adult beverages too!

10. Wooden Monogram

There's no greater gift than a wooden monogram. Carved and sanded down, this specific monogram comes unfinished. This basically means that you can paint it yourself or she can paint it with her own interests. However, if you want to make it a really personal gift, paint it yourself and show her how much you care. The hard work of cutting it out has already been done for you! If you're interested in some other wooden products, check HERE for two different types of wooden cutting boards that are great additions to the kitchen.

So, that's all. However, remember the power of the monogram and how great it is whenever your lady friends get something this personalized. If you're not a man, but read this whole thing anyway, thank you! Feel free to send it off to a man in your life as a clever hint. If you liked what was listed above, check out for more great monogrammed items that are bound to make any moment special.

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