Guys Guide to Gift Shopping

by - Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Clueless as to what to get their spouse, mother, sister, girlfriend or best friend for an upcoming special occasion? No worries -  we've put together a few ideas ranging in price and taste that are sure to make that special lady in your life smile!

1. Any girl is sure to love a classic Wooden Monogram to hang anywhere in her house, dorm or apartment. Because you can paint and repaint to match any color schedule, it's versatility makes it the perfect addition to any room!

2. Oh Snap! It looks like Polaroid is making a comeback. Everyone is getting a modernized Polaroid Instant Print Camera these days, and you wouldn't want her to miss out, now would you?

3. She might just love her iPhone as much as she loves you, so keep her happy with an adorable Monogrammed Phone Case to protect her precious device!

4. Brighten up her rainy day with a pair of Hunter Rainboots. This is a gift she might forget to drop hints to you about, but this wardrobe essential will be greatly appreciated when you surprise her with them!

5. Every girl needs a classic timepiece, so why not stray away from the standard Michael Kors watch that everyone has, and get her a gorgeous Fossil watch! The Stella Tortoise Watch is my personal favorite.

6. A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes, but personalized ones are even better! These Monogrammed Sandals will top off any of her spring and summer outfits.

What are your favorite gifts to receive from the special men in your life? 

Happy Shopping!

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