10 Monogrammed Baby Gift Ideas For Southern Moms

by - Wednesday, October 17, 2018

monogrammed baby gifts for southern moms

There are three important words in the holy grail of Southern baby gifts: monogrammed, smocked and bonnets. Everyone knows that it’s not a Southern baby shower unless the mama-to-be unwraps a monogrammed gift or two! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate childhood the Southern way, you simply cannot go wrong when you surprise your expectant bestie with a monogrammed baby gift made just for her future bundle. Here are some sweet baby gifts monogrammed to perfection!

Traditional Monogrammed Layette

1.      A Traditional Monogrammed Layette—Traditionally, a layette is a complete newborn outfit that’s easy to pack for the hospital. These days, it often refers to a comfy, cozy sleeper that baby can wear home when she’s just a couple of days old. You can complete the look with some matching booties, mittens and a monogrammed hat for a traditional take.  
2.      A Sweet Monogrammed Take-Me-Home Set—Who doesn’t want to take their sweet, little bundle home in a personalized ensemble? The monogrammed take-home set is absolutely ideal for social media announcements, newborn photoshoots and baby’s debut into the real world!
3.      A Monogrammed Blanket—Whether it’s a muslin swaddle or a nap blanket, she’ll love something personalized that she can cozy up with while she enjoys sweet, sweet dreams. Our monogrammed muslin blankets are popular for those looking for personalized baby shower gifts for photos and announcing baby’s name.
4.      Some Monogrammed Baby Bloomers—*Said in a Southern accent* Oh my god! There’s nothing cuter than some ruffly baby bloomers beneath her monogrammed dress! Take this sweet, traditional look up a notch or two when you have her bloomers monogrammed, too. This is a great option for future mamas who plan to deck out baby in hand-me-downs but still want a special way to make every outfit original.
Monogrammed Baby Bloomers

5.      A Monogrammed Bow Holder—Add bows to the list of essential Southern baby gifts and make it a double-whammy with a monogrammed version. Every Southern parent has a basket full of custom-embroidered bows, but it helps to keep them organized and free of tangles with a special bow holder. If you’re feeling up to it, you can fill it up with a collection of baby bows so she’s got styles for every first-year look.
6.      A Monogrammed Robe for Mom—Good friends never forget to spoil mom and dad during the shower! She’s going to need some time to herself, and what better way to do it than in a monogrammed robe? If she’s the kind of lady who wants to be stylish even in the hospital post-delivery, then she’ll adore a comfortable, trendy style to pack in her delivery bag.
7.      A Monogrammed Changing Pad Cover—Who says you can’t give gifts that are special and practical? Perfect for her changing table or portable changing pad, a personalized changing pad cover makes even the dirty side of parenting a little bit more enjoyable. Be sure to pick a color or pattern that matches her unique nursery décor.
8.      A Monogrammed Baby Bandana—Baby bandanas are all the rage, and we’re loving it! These cute square scarves can be sported on little ones ranging in age from brand-new to terrible twos, so they’re perfect for babies at any stage. Parents adore them because they add a fun, personalized look to otherwise basic ensembles.
9.      A Monogrammed Cardigan—Southern style is all about the prep, and what better way to tie together a totally preppy baby outfit than with a monogrammed cardi? This is the type of gift that you know will be adored by parents who adore cute, personalized winter styles for their little ones.
10.  A Monogrammed Sleeper—Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that their baby spent the first few weeks of life snuggled in her pajamas. A monogrammed sleeper is the perfect way to make every outfit adorable and special, even if mom and dad are spending the day lounging at home.

Monogrammed Sleeper

Long story short, you’re going to get some serious snaps if you arrive at baby’s shower or birthday party with baby gear monogrammed to high heaven! The key is to find cute, practical pieces that baby will wear or use time and time again. And don’t forget to surprise the parents or parents-to-be with some monogrammed goodies for grown-ups! We all know they deserve it. 

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