Monogrammed Gifts for Her: 18 Ideas for Every Woman in Your Life

by - Monday, October 22, 2018

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So, you’ve got to buy something for your girlfriend, wife, mom, grandma or bestie? Step one of shopping for women: know what she’s into. Step two of shopping for women: get it monogrammed. Need we say more? Here are some of our favorite monogrammed gift ideas for women of all personalities and style profiles, whether you’re shopping for the holidays, her birthday, Valentine’s Day or just cuz.

For Style-Loving Ladies: Monogrammed Clothes

So, your recipient is into fashion. Rejoice. There are so many super-stylish and unique monogrammed clothes for women, from cozy winter staples to cowgirl boots and scarves, that you actually can’t go wrong when you take this route. Make sure to reference the size chart before placing a personalized order (custom items are always final sale) or go with something that’s easy to size, like the items below.

Monogrammed Duck Boots

1.      Monogrammed Duck Boots: Because she likes to get dirty in (preppy) style.
2.      A Monogrammed Sherpa Pullover: Because she wants to keep her winter style game on-point.
3.      A Monogrammed Diaper Backpack: Because it makes her feel like a cool mom.
4.      Monogrammed Riding Boots: Because they go with all of her skinny jeans and leggings.
5.      A Monogrammed Reversible Vest: Because she is all about that two-for-one bonus.
6.      A Monogrammed Colorblock Tunic: Because it’s a breeze to style.

For Jet-Setters: Monogrammed Travel Must-Haves

The don’t-stop-won’t-stop lady in your life doesn’t have time to make a wish list, but you can bet that if she did, she’d put the following personalized travel essentials on it. Pair some of these go-anywhere goodies with a surprise weekend getaway if you really want to knock it out of the park. We’re pretty sure you’ll get all the gift-giving points with a combo like that.

Monogrammed Weekender Bag

7.      A Monogrammed Weekender: Because she needs a little extra space for those over-nighters.
8.      A Monogrammed Suitcase: Because she’ll feel like a celeb when she’s rolling these babies through the airport.
9.      A Monogrammed Jewelry Folio: Because she can’t leave home without her charm bangles and layered necklaces.
10.  A Monogrammed Luggage Tag: Because she’d be pretty bummed if her brand-new personalized suitcases got lost.
11.  A Monogrammed Toiletry Bag: Because it looks cute on the vanity in the hotel bathroom.
12.  A Hanging Toiletry Kit: Because that hotel bathroom gets real messy.

For Ladies who Deserve a Break: Monogrammed Loungewear

Whether she’s a mom, a boss or a student feeling the stress, you can bet that your favorite lady could use a bit of a break. What better way to show her that you support her relaxation pursuits than with some snuggle-worthy loungewear? We love the idea of pairing these luxury, lounge-worthy gifts with more things for her self-care routine—maybe some cozy slippers, a set of bath bombs and a spa gift card, perhaps? There is a 100 percent chance she’ll love it.

Monogrammed Bath Robe

13.  A Monogrammed Bath Robe: Because she’ll feel cute and comfy when she’s binge-watching her favorite show post-bath.
14.  A Heathered Sherpa Hoodie: Because some days her idea of “chillin” is lying around in really cute, comfy clothes.
15.  A Monogrammed Towel Wrap: Because it’s hard to hold up a towel when she’s getting ready.
16.  A Monogrammed Beach Mat: Because she deserves a vacation.
17.  A Monogrammed Pajama Set: Because sleeping in style is her M.O.
18.  Monogrammed Sherpa Booties: Because she’ll feel like she’s wearing slippers 24/7.

Put a Monogram on It

You know what they say…if you like it then you shoulda put a monogram on it! Seriously, though, while you think about reasons to buy her something personalized and extra-special, there’s one reason that trumps all others: because you love her! All of these wonderful monogrammed gifts will help you show her just how much you appreciate everything she does day in and day out. Shop our complete selection of cute monogrammed gifts for more fabulous ideas or give her the gift of a Marleylilly gift card so she can shop herself.

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