Traveling for the Holidays? Do it in Style with These Luggage Pieces

by - Friday, October 19, 2018

do it in style

Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or posting up at a picturesque ski resort peak season, you’re going to need a few pieces to get you there in style! Winter travel is the best travel, especially if your destination is a snowy, winter wonderland or a hot, tropical paradise. Rule No. 1 of trendy travel? Get yourself some monogrammed luggage! This way, there’s no mistaking to whom your things belong and there’s no denying your chic sense of style. Here are some fabulous monogrammed bags and accessories to make your winter jaunts even more fun this year.

A Set of Cute Rolling Suitcases

1.      A Set of Cute Rolling Suitcases—Can you imagine the days when you actually had to carry your luggage all over the place? No thanks. Of course, a set of monogrammed suitcases (with wheels, obviously) is the first thing you’re going to need for your very stylish voyage. Create a unique, personalized set with both a large and carry-on sized suitcase or pick the one that best suits your itinerary—big for a week or more and small for quick weekend expeditions.
2.      A Tote-Ally To-Die-For Tote—We can’t understate this enough: get yourself a toss-it-all-in tote bag. This is the carry-on slash purse that goes with you everywhere, so make sure it’s roomy enough for all your day-to-day essentials. Perfect for carting all your personal items plus reading materials for the ride, a small makeup stash for touch-ups and a sweater if you get cold, the right tote comes prepped and ready to make your trip a breeze. Of course, monogrammed tote bags are big-time best-sellers for trips away.

A Tote-Ally To-Die-For Tot

3.      A Large and In-Charge Weekender—Your weekender bag is the hero of your luggage. It does the heavy lifting during all your frequent weekend getaways and trips home, so make it one you’ll actually be excited to carry. You can get a monogrammed weekender bag that matches your tote bag for a sweet matching luggage set or toss it all in one oversized bag to simplify packing and transporting your things once you get there.
4.      A Handy, Hanging Toiletry Bag—If your significant other or travel partner complains because your makeup and beauty products somehow wind up everywhere when you’re away from home, you’re a prime candidate for a monogrammed toiletry bag. These smart little accessories allow you to hang your things up and out of the way in the bathroom or bedroom, so they are easily accessed yet neatly organized at all times.
5.      A Perfectly Personalized Luggage Tag—Though it’s getting rarer and rarer, airlines do lose or mishandle luggage, so it’s a good idea to equip all of your bags with a personal identifier. With a set of monogrammed leather luggage tags, your things will always be clearly labeled to prevent theft or lost luggage. These cute and clever little extras also make fantastic holiday gifts for the jet-setters on your list!

Personalized Luggage Tag

6.      A Hanging Jewelry Organizer—If you’ve got a lot of special events going on during your winter travel or if you’re heading home for all of winter break, you’re going to need a sensible way to transport all your baubles. A monogrammed jewelry organizer is just what you need to keep your necklaces, watches, earrings, rings and bracelets safe, protected and organized while you’re away from home!
7.      A Monogrammed, Multi-Compartment Lingerie Bag—Your lingerie pieces are probably some of the most delicate things you own, so you want to be sure you keep them protected, neat and organized with a personalized lingerie bag you can toss in your luggage. Pick one for dirty and clean clothes so you know what’s what when you unpack!

With these perfect, personalized pieces, you’ll be ready for the plane, train or automobile this winter as you’re heading home for the holidays. Make sure you have an extra phone charger and a comfy blanket scarf in case you get cold, and you’ll be well on your way to an easy and enjoyable excursion no matter where you’re headed.

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