6 Monogrammed Gift Ideas for Beer and Wine Lovers

by - Friday, October 26, 2018

gift guide for beer and wine lovers

Santé! Salute! L'chaim! Cheers! Let’s raise a glass to the beer and wine lovers out there who know a good brew or vintage when they taste one! If you’ve got one on your list this year, you know that you can’t go wrong when you surprise them with a bottle of their favorite bev coupled with a sweet, monogrammed gift. Here are some of our favorite and most popular gifts for lovers of the bub and the brew. Once you’ve picked out something that feels just right, wrap it up with something drinkable for a celebration-worthy present. If you’re lucky, your recipient might just share.

Monogrammed Wine Tool Kit

For the Hop Heads: Personalized Gifts for Beer-Lovers

Whether your recipient is a home-brewer, a “professional” taster or that friend who’s always bringing that crazy new batch to the party (Because who doesn’t want to try pizza beer or oyster stout? Yes, these are real things), you can bet on the fact that the following gifts will give her a buzz. No surprise here, but all of these gifts are designed for keeping the brew cold and sharing it with pals.

Genuine Leather Monogrammed Koolie

1.      Personalized Growler Tote—Bless the friend who shows up with a brewery-fresh growler. This awesome personalized tote and growler set was designed specifically to help you cool and carry your growler anytime you want to take it along for the party. The waxed cotton canvas perfectly showcases your recipient’s initials, while the stainless steel growler keeps the ale ice-cold.
2.      Monogrammed Leather Koolie—Like beer, not all koozies are created equal. Everyone loves a standard foam one (especially if it’s monogrammed), but when you’re feelin’ fancy—like when you’re drinking a $100 bottle made with barley grown in space, for example (also a real thing)—you’ve gotta up the ante with something on the nicer end. A leather koozie does the job! Oh, p.s.: It has an attached bottle opener. It’s pretty amazing.
3.      Monogrammed Beer Cooler—Is there anything worse than warm beer? Respect the brew with a monogrammed 12-can cooler that keeps dual six packs ice-cold at the beach, on game day or wherever you’re taking your favorite beer. It has a heat-sealed, water-resistant lining and a durable carrying strap.

For the Grape Gurus: Personalized Gifts for Wine-Lovers

Friends with a few amateur sommeliers? It doesn’t matter if she’s into red, white or rosé (and let’s be honest, who isn’t into rosé?), we’re pretty sure she’ll adore something that says “I heart vino.” The following gifts are perfect for anyone looking for a personalized wine gift for the discerning sipper, whether it’s mom, dad, grandma, a sibling or a friend.
Monogrammed Wine Tool Kit

4.      Monogrammed Wine Bag—Here’s the thing about serious wine-drinkers…they rarely go anywhere without a bottle. And we sure do love them for it. This cute monogrammed wine bag does double-duty: It carries a full 750-milliliter bottle and it ensures that she’ll never lose it because, thanks to the monogram, everyone knows to whom it belongs!
5.      Monogrammed Wine Tool Kit—Here’s a deluxe wine kit for the drinker who likes fine wines (meaning the ones that aren’t sold at the gas station). It comes with a corkscrew, a stopper, a decanting pourer with a stopper and a drip collar, all packaged in a cute personalized box, so she can bring it with her whenever she’s sharing her favorite new variety.
6.      Engraved Wine Cork—There is no tragedy greater than a bottle of wine gone to waste after it’s been left open all night. Make sure that all of her corked bottles stay fresh with a personalized wine cork, like one featuring a beautiful silver and cork design.

Let’s Pop Bottles

We’re sure that your recipient will want to pop a few bottles when they receive any one of these awesome gifts. Whether for a birthday, the holidays, a housewarming or just because, you’ll find that these picks bring warmth to the heart (and the belly) of any gracious guzzler. Make sure to peruse our entire selection of personalized gifts to find even more unique options for ladies and gents who love to imbibe.

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