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by - Tuesday, January 12, 2021

How to Order 3 Initials in a Monogram - Marleylilly

 Monogramming: A Timeless Tradition

New to monogramming? For monogramming novices, the biggest source of confusion is often the order of the initials in a monogram. At Marleylilly, we’ve made it our mission to bring back this tradition and give it a fresh new spin.

Marleylilly: New Trends; Classic Style

On our website, you’ll find classically sophisticated items blended together with exciting new trends. Although these items may appeal to different types of individuals, one thing is the same: the monogram. Read on to learn more about how to properly order the three initials on a monogram. Then, dive in! Choose your favorite monogrammed gift, clothing item, shoes and accessories for yourself — or for a friend or family member. Marleylilly is the best place to find these unique items that will be cherished.

Classic Three-Initial Monograms 

Many of our monograms feature the classic three letter monogram style; you’ll notice that the middle initial uses a larger font. With this monogram order, the middle initial is always the first initial of an individual’s surname (S=Smith). This middle initial is sandwiched between one’s first name (on the left) and one’s middle name (on the right). For example: Melanie Anne Vincent would be written as “mVa.” This three-initial monogram is appropriate for everyone from children to adults, unmarried or married.

Modern Three-Initial Monograms 

You’ll also find that monograms with three initials can also be the same font sizes (the middle letter will not be larger). When this monogram style is an option, it is appropriate to use the placement as first name (left), middle name (middle) and last name (right). For example, Melanie Anne Vincent would be “MAV.”

Engagement Monograms 

Because monogramming is a tradition, there are many traditional etiquette “rules” that go along with monograms. When monogramming for engagements or for save-the-date cards before the wedding ceremony, it goes against tradition to use the groom’s last name in the traditional classic three-initial monogram. When an engaged couple uses monograms in correspondence that leads up to a wedding, a “duogram,” or a combination of the couple’s first name (or surname) initials, is more appropriate. For example, Todd Vincent and Melanie Smith would be “T/M” or “V/S.” 

Wedding Monograms

Monograms are making a comeback in weddings, and many couples are using monograms in post-wedding ceremony functions. Whether they’re using embossed napkins, monogram place settings and monogram party favors, there is a right and a wrong way to order monograms in a wedding. In monogram etiquette, it’s important to remember “ladies first.” With the wedding monogram setup, you’ll want to use the bride’s first name initial (on the left), the groom’s surname initial (middle) and the groom’s first name initial (right). For example: Todd and Melanie Vincent would be written “mVt.” 

One-Initial Monogram 

Of course, you can always simplify the three-initial monogram and use just one initial. This is great if you’re unsure of someone’s middle name or if space doesn’t allow for the classic three-initial monogram. When you opt for the one initial monogram, you can choose to use the initial of either an individual’s first or surname. 

Monogram Script Styles 

Marleylilly offers a great selection of monogram script styles. We also offer our exclusive preview tool, which allows you to experiment with the different monogram script styles and embroidery colors to determine which is your favorite, or which is the most appropriate for the gift you’re creating. From our intricate Interlock or Master Circle Scripts and straightforward Octagonal, Fishtail or Round Block Scripts to the youthful Curly or Vertical Script, there is a monogram script style that’s perfect!

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