The Perfect Unconventional Gift for the New Mom-to-Be

by - Monday, January 25, 2021

The perfect unconventional gift for the mom-to-be from Marleylilly

Calling all soon-to-be mamas... this one is for you! You have your personalized hospital bag, your monogrammed diaper bag, but you can't find the perfect carrier for your breast milk and pump no matter how far and wide you've searched the Internet. Well look no further - we have great news for you! Marleylilly's small personalized cooler is a great solution! At first thought, this cooler might seem unconventional for a breast pump and milk carrier, but rest assured - this lifehack is mom-approved and certainly up for the job! 

This classic cooler bag style is durable, insulated, and very easy to clean! Its handle makes it effortlessly easy to pack and store on-the-go. What's better? It's monogrammed and the perfect size to easily carry to and fro! As if we need to sell you more, this mom-approved carryall is under $35! 

In case you haven't heard, mint is the new pink and we're all here for it! Grab this neutral color as an adorable baby shower gift!

Personalized Small Cooler in Mint from

This one's for the cool moms... grab this super fashionable marble print if you're shopping for the friend that has to have all the latest and greatest trends! Marble is everywhere, not to mention this colorway is super versatile and easy to clean!

Personalized Small Cooler in Marble from

S H O P   C O R A L  -

For all the pink lovers out there, this bright and cheerful color never fails! Not to mention, the pink pops spectacularly with the mint and grey accents! So whether you're shopping for a girl or boy mom, this personalized cooler is sure to bring a smile to mama's face every time she goes to use it!

Personalized Small Cooler in Coral from


What gift recommendations do you have for all the soon-to-be mamas? Let us know in the comments below!

Personalized Small Coolers from

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