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by - Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Monogram Life

Whether they’re used in sorority houses or in houses of royalty, it’s no secret that monograms are a perfect way to put a personal stamp on anything from stationery to clothing. New to monograms? Unsure about the ins and outs of monogram etiquette and want to learn more about how to choose the right monogram? You’ve come to the right place! 

What is a Monogram?

Let’s start off with the basics. A monogram is a personalization technique that uses an individual’s initials — usually the first letter of one’s first, middle, and last name. A monogram can either be engraved, embossed, embroidered, stamped, or etched onto the surface of an item. 

How Do I Order the Initials of a Monogram?

The order of the letters has a lot to do with the size of the monogram, the monogram’s style, and the item being personalized. A monogram that features a larger middle initial font always follows the traditional initial placement of the first name’s initial (left), the surname's initial (middle), and middle name's initial (right). For example: Kimberly Ann Jones would be “kJa.” This can look a little out of order to those who aren’t familiar with monograms.

One-Letter Monograms

If you choose, you can opt for a monogram with one letter. This can be either the first letter of a person’s first name or the first letter of a surname. Adding a monogram with one letter is also great for an item that is limited on space — or if you’re unsure of someone’s middle name. At Marleylilly, we take the guesswork out of your monogram placement. When you click the green Personalize button on our customizable items and enter your first, middle and last name initials, we’ll arrange the letters so that they’re perfect. Our exclusive preview tool allows you to see the end result, too, so there are no surprises.

Monograms for Married Couples 

For couples, monogram etiquette calls for the ladies first: at many weddings, therefore, you’ll see monograms that include the first letter of the bride’s name (on the left), the first letter of the groom’s surname (in the middle) and the first letter of the groom’s first name (on the right). For a newly married woman, tradition states that using her maiden name is always appropriate. Instead of using a traditional first name, last name, middle name setup, you can always opt for the first initial of her first name (left), the first letter of her married name (in the middle) and the first letter of her maiden name (on the right). Before the wedding ceremony, however, monogram etiquette states that it is not appropriate to use the groom’s last name. 

Want to use a monogram for save-the-date cards or wedding invitations? Opt for a “duogram,” which is a melding of the bride and the groom’s first names. When using a duogram, don’t forget the “ladies first” rule — the bride’s name should always come first.

How Do I Use Monograms? 

Monogram initials can be printed in several different styles and are a great way to personalize a gift, to add a special touch on clothing or make a piece of jewelry extra meaningful. At Marleylilly, we offer monogram styles in an intricate traditional Interlock design or in Master Circle Script — both add a fancy flourish to your monograms. Other designs include Octagonal, Fishtail, Round Block, Curly, Vertical and Brantford. Unsure about which monogram is right for you? You can play with different colors, fonts and styles with Marleylilly’s unique preview tool to find out which option is the best for you. 

Other Monogramming Considerations 

It’s important to consider who you’re purchasing these monogrammed items for. Make sure the monogram style fits their personality and lifestyle. For example, for someone who prefers no frills, you may choose a more straightforward monogram style, such as our Round Block, Octagonal or Brantford styles. When you’re looking for a monogram for a man, perhaps for an overnight bag or a toiletry bag, a single monogram or a no-nonsense monogram style is also a popular choice.

Marleylilly: Your Source for the Monogram Lifestyle 

Have more questions about monogramming or need help choosing the perfect monogram item? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re always happy to help you choose a fantastic, thoughtful item. We have everything from gifts, clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Check out our Bestsellers and What’s New for popular looks that you’ll love. For the sports fans in your life, don’t miss our Marleylilly Collegiate line for officially licensed looks from some of your favorite college teams.

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